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Economics Commentary - demand for lactose free milk.

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Economics Commentary Milks, needed in the daily diet Abstract: Milk is one of the most important foods in the diet that provides to the body many vitamins, minerals, proteins for the development and welfare of the important organs and the entire body. Without these compound that the milk and its derivatives give to us, the body couldn't maintain healthy and some of the organs will begin to get damage by the lack of these components for example the bones will get severely hurt by don't getting the sufficient amount of minerals as calcium. Commentary: Milks, cheeses, yogurts and all the products that are made from milk are essential for our diet because all of these products are rich in many vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins such as calcium and vitamin D, iron, magnesium; zinc that provides us many benefits for the welfare of the body for example calcium (the most important mineral presented in milks) ...read more.


due to the lack of the special enzyme that is capable of synthetize this disaccharide which is the lactase. Due to the big amount of people in the society that is lactose intolerant, the largest milk companies had created a modified free of lactose milk to be consumed specially by people that presents this problem, but also some few firms had created another derivatives of milk without lactose to be consume by this type of people such as lactose free yogurt. A stronger competitor of these lactose free milk and derivatives is the soybean. Soybean is a substitute of the ordinary milk and cheese that is processed to be converted in milk for the consumption of this kind of people. By being substitutes of the ordinary milk both of them competes each other with the difference that one is from processed milk and the other from vegetal origin. Milk for lactose intolerant people P Processed free lactose milk P Soy milk S S � � � � D D1 ...read more.


and treating the osteoporosis, so the market by having many buyers and sellers and which the products that they sell are homogeneous (the same) is called perfect competition. Assuming the sale of osteoporosis milk per week, $2 each: Price ($) Quantity demanded Total revenue ($) Average revenue Marginal revenue 2 456 912 2 2 2 178 356 2 2 2 578 1156 2 2 2 79 158 2 2 2 94 188 2 2 2 263 526 2 2 Price D=AR=MR 2 Output Income elasticity of demand in milk especially for osteoporosis Engel Curve Qty of milk demanded Income The new generation (teenagers mostly belongs it) do not consume the necessary amount of milk and other derivatives because of the fast food that nowadays is attracting them by the delicious fried food that they provides and also by the different beverages such as smoothies, cokes and artificially flavored juices. Because of this problem, healthy foods such as vegetables and especially milk demand will fall, also its complements as cereal. ...read more.

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