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International Baccalaureate: Geography

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  1. Aids Case Study

    The country I chose is Uganda What is AIDS/HIV? AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and is defined as a collection of symptoms and infections resulting from the depletion of the immune system caused by infection with HIV. AIDS/HIV in Uganda: The reason I chose to look at AIDS in Uganda is because it is one of the few African countries where the HIV prevalence rates have actually dropped and it is also seen as a rare example of succes in a place where its nieghbours are facing a severe aids crisis.

    • Word count: 1579
  2. Geography Essay : Can China Feed Itself

    is to be answered. Two major points will be considered in this answer, these being first of all population growth followed by the need of dietary change. The people's republic of China was founded in 1949 and at this point, its population was estimated to be around 540 million. Surprisingly enough, about thirty years later, its population almost doubled, creating a strong "population momentum"3 leading to China's current fast population increase despite low levels of fertility. The total amount of inhabitants in China is expected to increase by an additional 260 millions in the next three decades to reach a total population of about 1.49 billions in 2025.

    • Word count: 1401
  3. Geography FiledWork: Study of CBD

    Figure 3 - Hannover city center THEORETICAL BACKGROUND . EXPLANATION OF HYPOTHESES AND METHODOLOGY 1) The further we walk from the CBD, the lower the building will be. Many European cities were totally destroyed during the Second World War and Hannover especially. Because of globalization and technological advance, people want to live in modern and high flats inside the city. This hypothesis is based on the bid rent theory that states that the height will decrease due to the lower rents.

    • Word count: 1950
  4. Oil as a Resource

    Clearly the demand for oil varies over each country. This can be due to many factors such as economical or technological. The main countries that are producing oils are all mostly in the Middle East and Africa. And these countries all have something in common which is that they are all OPEC members. OPEC is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries; this cartel's main objective is to safeguard the Organization's interest, also it pursues ways to stabilize the price in the oil market eliminating the unnecessary fluctuations.

    • Word count: 1313
  5. The barrel is running dry

    1However, only 0.1% of our power energy actually comes from direct sunlight. Solar energy can be created by using mirror and reflective surfaces to concentrate solar radiation. The parabolic dish systems concentrate solar radiations to a certain point to create high temperatures. 2There is a dish in France, which is only used for scientific experiments but it can get as hot as 33,000 degrees Celsius. These temperatures are used to produce stem, drive electrical turbines and power chemical processes. Most people install solar panels to heat there water and homes. Even though solar energy is quite costly it's a growing energy.

    • Word count: 1242
  6. Bangladesh - there are several reasons causing such high population in Bangladesh.

    Only 38 percent of married women age 15-19 were currently using any contraceptive method. For mothers less than 20 years of age, the neonatal mortality rate of 72, the infant mortality rate of 103, and the under-five mortality rate of 130 were the highest figures reported. * Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Although the Maternal Mortality Rate has decreased considerably from 514 in 1986- 1990 to 400 in 1998-2000, it is still one of the highest in the world. In 2001, approximately half of mothers did not receive antenatal care, and two-thirds of currently pregnant women did not intend to have assistance during delivery.

    • Word count: 999
  7. Devil in the mountain + Book review

    What made Simon Lamb and his team's journey of discovery so amazing, were all the daunting challenges and harsh conditions that they had to face and experience. The extreme environmental conditions tested the mental and physical capabilities of the team to the limits and the fact that Bolivia, at the time, was on the verge of a civil war only added that extra element of fear and danger to the journey. However, it is the emergence of such challenges that only serve to revitalize the human spirit and encourage the abilities needed in order to overcome said challenges which can

    • Word count: 818
  8. pro natalist china's population policy

    Causes of low fertility rate: * Canada's total fertility rate 1.54 since the early 1960s is below the replacement rate 2.1. This is due to the industrialization in the west. Compared to the ppor parts of the world, women have plenty of children, but cannot afford them, and here in the wealthy west, although they can afford but they do not produce. As a consequence, the nation itself becomes an aging nation and this means it will require huge amounts of support and the form of health care, pensions and other program.

    • Word count: 1376
  9. Latin America - history, politics, immigration and literature.

    But later explores found that it was not the coast of Asia. Explorers got a different impression, which was accepted by others. During the first decade of the century the only secure Spanish settlement in the new world was Santo Domingo, on the island of Hispaniola. A consistently stable settlement was not achieved in continental America until 1510. Then the speed of Spanish expansion grew over a vast region, which was astonishing. By 1515, with the conquest of Cuba and the finding of Havana, the islands of the Caribbean are under Spanish control.

    • Word count: 3860
  10. Case Study Brazil

    Brazil has five climate regions equatorial, tropical, semiarid, high altitude tropical, and subtropical. Temperatures along the equator are high, averaging above 25�C, but the temperature in the summer do not reach the extremes of up to 40�C in the temperate zones. There is not much change in seasons near the equator, although at times it can get cool enough for wearing a jacket, especially in the rain. Population Density and History In 1950 Brazil's population was 51,944,397, by 1970 it reached 93,139,037.

    • Word count: 1015
  11. Case study on Aid and Famine in the Darfur Region

    This has a devastating effect on the women. With all the men gone the economic providers and source of protection is gone. The women have to try and get a hold of food, water and shelter as well as look after her children. The Effects The effects on the economy of Darfur and the individual families are overwhelming. There is much competition over water, food and shelter. There is a lot of strain on the resources, that are already generally scarce.

    • Word count: 1199
  12. UNEP - Argentina

    Such as the case in the Tucuman province, where water bills were increased to up to 70% while its collection rate diminished to 10% by a multinational water provider, Vivendi. The company had claimed to be improving conditions of the infrastructure in the region. But in 1996, the public protested Vivendi Environment when manganese deposits in the water became so great that the tap water ran brown. In C�rdoba, an attempt at relying on a multinational corporation was made with Suez, which again resulted in an utter failure and eventually the suspension of the company due to lack in fulfillment of contract and poor service.

    • Word count: 1175
  13. Geo IA Globolisation

    As time has passed globalisation has become increasingly intergraded due to the growth in international trade, the growth of transnational corporations, international economic agreements, trading blocs and global movement of capital. Globalisation as a whole keeps becoming more and more intergraded since 1945 due to the advantages in technology which have reduced the cost of transport, communications and information, as well as the governments increasing trade policies with free trade policies. To prove the globalisation of food in stores around Stockholm, my group has chosen three different areas in Stockholm, Sweden in which we examined different categories of food products/drinks (most important cultural trait)

    • Word count: 3225
  14. Geo Internal Assesment 2005

    Further away from the mouth, the river will have a steeper gradient, which means water will have a greater velocity due to Newton's law of gravity. * Aim 2: To see where the water flows will be faster. * Hypothesis 2.1: The velocity will be faster before a meander * Justification 2.2: Happens because the river water slows down with the curve and the friction caused by it in the outer edge of the river, we can see this in the theory sustaining the water velocities in a meander (see fig 2.1)

    • Word count: 5275
  15. Republic of Yemen

    The mountain regions have a nice summer temperature of an average of 21�C, and cool winter temperatures with minimums that usually do not go lower than 4�C and they are considered the best regions to live in the Arabic Peninsula. The temperatures in Tihamah (located on the western coast of Yemen) usually are greater than 54�C, because the clime in Tihamah is tropical. Average annual rainfall is 127mm. As you can see in the climate graph of Aden the average temperature is 25�C in January and 32�C in June, but the highs do not often exceed 35�C.

    • Word count: 3465
  16. Free essay

    Geography- Darfur crisis

    The governments policies of neglect, marginalization, economic exploitation, and religious oppression have created enormous tensions between the Government of Sudan and other regions of the country. This inequality between ethnic groups has caused countless rebellions, and brutal retaliations by the government. The present crisis in Darfur initiated when hostilities flared between Arab Nomadic herdsmen and non-Arab African farmers in an area of Western Sudan. These conflicts erupted because of n creasing desertification causing the nomadic herdsmen to be driven onto the still fertile farmland belonging to the non Arab- African farmers.

    • Word count: 686
  17. Reasons, why re-urbanization as opposed to suburbanizaton has become a common procees in some parts of the world.

    Nowadays, in biggest cities process of reurbanization is becoming a common procees. Usually it happens due to noticeable efforts of governments, which fighting with city center's decay and deprivation, redeveloped many of its areas. Developers, landlords and local governors are reinvesting in inner-city properties and redeveloping them for new inhabitants. Good example showing huge effort, may be London Docklands, which are placed to the east of the centre of London near river Thames.

    • Word count: 529
  18. Case study: Kobe Japan

    In Tokyo buildings are more stable and are built in concrete. It's easy accessible for fire engines in Tokyo than in Japan because of the narrow streets. 3. There is a large amount of reclaimed land in Tokyo. Why is this land at risk from earthquake? Ans: The reclaimed land does not have a solid ground meaning an earthquake could destroy everything which is there. Since it isn't a solid ground it transmits shockwaves easily and further apart. 4. Why is Japan prone to earthquake activity? Ans: Three tectonic plates such as the Eurasian plate, Pacific plate and the Philippine plate meet just off the coast of Tokyo.

    • Word count: 609
  19. comparative development" Australia, Malaysia and Namibia

    Birth Rate Death Rate Population Growth Life Expectancy Literacy Rate 13 7 6 80 99% 25 5 20 71 87% 35 21 14 41 81% Total Population (2001) (Million) Population Per Doctor GDP Per Capita No. of People in Cities Australia 19.4 417 $23,200 91% Malaysia 22.5 1520 10,300 57% Namibia 1.8 3,390 $4,300 31% Comparisons First, I will compare the countries through their population per doctor. Australia has far less people per doctor which indicates it is a more developed country.

    • Word count: 778
  20. Rio de Janeiro- LEDC

    papers for the land they live on o Overcrowded settlements o No sanitation, water, electricity * Diseases and pests spread easily * Urban renewal o 1902 - 1906: radical urban transformation * Destruction of the last parts of its original colonial urban design * Inspired by Paris after WW2 * Impressive urban squares * Grand avenues o Government built very few alternative social housing schemes * People could not afford to live in this area anymore, even though they had to stay close to their work * Homeless built their own houses in the surrounding areas, just as deserted hills o Shantytowns are created * Urban Intervention (around 1900-1910)

    • Word count: 1292
  21. Urbanization and Settlement

    Thus we can again conclude that the most populous cities in 2000 have shifted to cities located in ELDCs. However there are cities that were located in both rankings. Those cities are located in Japan, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, and India. These are countries which are either still developing (China, India, Brazil, Mexico) or countries which have an overall high population and population density (USA, Japan). (b) We can see that many of the countries which were expected to be one of the 20 most populous countries in the year 2000 are present in the newly industrializing countries.

    • Word count: 1255
  22. Kings College operates a good example of an environmentally sustainable school? Discuss?

    Also recycling, reduce the food wastage and the amount of energy used by the school. Kings college is a secondary school with students aged 11- 18, it is located in the south east of England in Guildford, surrey. It is located in the centre of a big council estate of Park Barn. It location is approximately 30 miles from the capital London. It is located about 10 minute walk to Guildford train station directly on the main line to waterloo. Aim: 'Kings College promotes a culture of environmental sustainability and as such can be described as a sustainable school'.

    • Word count: 3403
  23. The coastline of the resort of Sitges is being effectively managed

    One of the options of coastal erosion is to do nothing so therefore I will see if they are using this method or using alternative methods like installing protection. > Evidence for longshore drift/wave direction? A concern would be if there was a strong longshore drift as it would carry the sediment in that direction. > What types of waves are operating there? (constructive/destructive) There are five main coastal management systems that can be used affectively if the coast needs defending2 Do nothing - this means that no coastal defence activities are carried out except for safety measures.

    • Word count: 2731
  24. geography IB prep

    What is sustainable agriculture? � management over technology � biological relationships and natural processes over chemically intense methods �utilize local knowledge � giving land to "land-less" people � more self-reliance in farming communities � need for sustaibale agri-systems is greatest in marginal, fragile environments where western methods are no longer functional b.) Why is it proving so difficult to put into practice on a significant scale? � short term economics grans are not as common � more sustainable to diseases/pests � difficult for marginalized (= poor)

    • Word count: 2563

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