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An Important Issue- Carbon Trading ( College Practice Essay)

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An Important Issue: Carbon Trading I was recently opened up to a global issue known as ?carbon trading? in my Environmental Systems and Societies class. After spending months learning about the effects of harmful greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, and ways of reducing the damaging effects of air pollution on the planet, the entire idea of carbon trading came as a surprise to me. It was brought about in response to the theory of global warming, and partially enforced by the United Nation?s 1997 Kyoto Protocol. It called for industrialized countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The trading system revolves around the distribution of paid-for permits to emit carbon. ...read more.


Firstly, the carbon trading system or, as it is known in Europe, ETS (Emission Trading System), is based upon the theoretical concept of global warming. This is not yet a scientifically verified concept. Secondly, carbon trading is not leading to significant carbon cuts. Furthermore, the wide array of difficulties in measuring the offset of emissions calls for a number of uncertainties. This brings more opportunities for tricking the entire credit system. With an expanding economic Miteva 2 market, there are more opportunities for banks and investors to make huge profits from these credits. This also could eventually become leakage, a shift of pollution from the developed to the developing countries. ...read more.


These are the people directly responsible for who I am today. The ETS will keep me from visiting my family. This is where the ?Cap and Trade System? personally affects me. I think it is vital that students around the world voice their opinions on this topic. When we have the opportunity to learn about the concepts of environmental protection, biodiversity, and pollution management, it is up to us as the future working generation to say what needs to be said. We need to insist on proving the Global Warming Theory by utilizing the scientific method. Based on the outcome we need to negotiate a truly global solution for the probable issue. We need to solve it in a manner which preserves personal existence, freedom, and property. ...read more.

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