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Causes of Reduced Biodiversity in the Amazon Forest

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Causes of Reduced Biodiversity in the Amazon Forest Explain in two paragraphs the "causes of rainforest degradation" diagram. Amazonian deforestation in the global context: The diagram is like a complex circle. It shows the Amazonian deforestation in the global context. Countries from all over the world have fears of different diseases. North America and Europe for example have fear of the avian flu and Russia and China have fear of BSE. That?s why more and more countries don?t want to get their products from Asian countries, which is mostly the origin of those diseases. This leads to an increase in global demand for other parts of the world (e.g. Latin America). This high increase again leads to pressure and as a result a rise in commodity prices, technological progress, rise in land prices and devaluation of Brazilian currency boosting exports. This again leads to a massive deforestation of Amazonia in Latin America. There?s a land speculation by clearing forest. This area can be converted into cattle pastures or into soya fields, which both also have a development in transport and industrial infrastructure as a result. ...read more.


Licensing theoretically strictly controls logging in the Amazon, which allows timber to be harvested only in certain areas. However, the environmental group, Greenpeace, estimates that 60-80% of all logging in the Brazilian Amazon is illegal. Consequences: Many tree and plant species are at a risk of extinction due to deforestation. The International Union for Conservation of Nature calculates that there are about 382 plant species and 343 different types of mammals in Brazil at a risk. Large-scale deforestation could also lead to global warming. The Amazon absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide, which is very important for us. But when they cut too man trees down the absorption of carbon dioxide would strongly decrease. Forecast of the forest?s future predict that deforestation will continue. The WWF thinks that by 2030 30% of the forest will be lost if deforestation continues at this high level and these climate conditions. 3. Take notes on the social, economic, environmental and political consequences of rainforest degradation. Social consequences: For local people the quality of life would improve rapidly when a forest first cleared. ...read more.


Environmental consequences: Due to humans who clear the natural landscape to make room for farms and pastures, to harvest timber for construction and fuel, and to build roads and urban areas tropical forests of all varieties are disappearing rapidly. When farmers completely deforested an area, they burn the trees and vegetation to create a fertilizing layer of ash. After this slash-and-burn deforestation, the nutrient reservoir is lost, flooding and erosion rates are high, and soil often becomes unable to support crops in just a few years. If the area then is turned into cattle pasture, the ground may become compacted as well. This could slow down and prevent forest recovery. About half of all Earth?s species live in tropical rainforest. When area is totally deforested the species is lost, the plants and animals in the fragments of forest that remain also become increasingly vulnerable. As more trees are felled, there will be fewer trees to absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by the process of photosynthesis. Thus, the global carbon dioxide level is expected to increase in the greenhouse effect. ...read more.

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