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Discuss the Effects of Globalisation

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Geography Assessment Type 4: INVESTIGATION The term ?globalisation? is the worldwide movement toward social, economic, cultural, trade and communications integration to a global scale (Princeton University. ND). Since the reduction of social and economic barriers to international trade, worldwide markets are coming into place, with global products, firms and even a global language which assists trade and cultural exchanges. ?No culture is static. Ideas, technologies, products and people move from one place to another. When cultures come into contact?they influence each other.? (Kleeman, G, Hamper, D, Rhodes, He, Lane, R & Rugendyke, Barbara, 2008). The economic aspect of globalisation has brought an improved standard of living for many people. (Kleeman, G, Hamper, D, Rhodes, He, Lane, R & Rugendyke, Barbara, 2008). The globalisation of trade enables consumers to have greater access to a variety of goods and services. ?From German cars, to Colombian coffee, from Chinese clothing, to Egyptian cotton, from American music to Indian software?, (Frost M. ND). Advanced technology like the Internet has made the purchasing of goods and services from suppliers on the other side of the world more efficient and simpler. Obstacles such as travelling distance and cost has been minimised due to faster and cheaper international travel in comparison to the 1960?s where it was unaffordable for many. ...read more.


Increased trade and travel have also facilitated the spread of human, animal and plant diseases, like HIV/AIDS across borders (Bliss, S.2008). Globalisation has changed the international system quite significantly as it made countries far more interdependent and interconnected. ?The world is not a place of many different and separate countries anymore, but these states form almost one entity on many different levels? (Oldemeinen, M. 2008). The products of globalisation such as, private sector bodies and global financial institutions have created a global market and economy. By doing so, they have brought different economies closer together and they are more dependent on each other. It is now easier for companies to set up branches or production sites in other countries where the conditions for the company are better due to more efficient travel and simpler forms of communications such as, social networks, webpages and cheaper international calls. Today people communicate instantly with their friends locally, nationally and internationally by social networks, email and mobile and are able to travel faster to other countries. Local and national Australian trades like mineral mining and wine manufacturing portrays interdependence of people and environments as it relies on international importers to maintain its income, whilst other nations need Australia?s minerals for their own development, thus linking back to global trade. ...read more.


As a fast-food takeaway outlet, McDonalds has negative impacts on the environment due to some of its unrecyclable packaging and the amount of food wasted daily. However, they claim to have implemented strategies to minimise these damages to the environment, e.g. an ?average meal? in the 1970s?a Big Mac, fries, and a drink?required 46 grams of packaging; today, it requires only 25 grams, allowing a 46% reduction? (McDonalds. 2012). Though fast food outlets such as McDonald?s may be responsible for the high obesity rate, it is the consumer?s responsibility to consume its products in moderation. Though governments have resisted the spread of Western-based food outlets, McDonald?s accommodated local and cultural beliefs whilst keeping their staple products in the menu. It is heavily involved in charity and community projects and is a leader in high-quality retail training of young workers (Fairfax Digital. 2004). Despite the obesity crisis, McDonald's has already improved its menu by introducing a salad-based range and Happy Meals with fruit and vegetables, though this may seem as a misrepresentation of their ?nutritious? menu for some. As an informed consumer, McDonald?s wouldn?t be my first dining choice due to its unhealthy menu options despite it being a cheaper alternative in comparison to other food outlets. I'm not a fan of McDonald's restaurants but the Ronald McDonald houses at the Children's Hospital are enough to convince me that McDonald's is an exemplary corporate citizen. ...read more.

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