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Economic growth vs the Environment

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INTRODUCTION It is believed that both economic growth and environment cannot coexist peacefully i.e. in order to improve either of the two quantities, one has to be comprised upon. For example, if the environment has to be improved, then the economic growth of a nation will have to be compromised on and similarly, if economic growth of a nation has to be improved, then the environment will have to be compromised on. ECONOMIC GROWTH ENVIRONMENT 1. It is actually possible to keep the economy growing without damaging the environment. Rather than implementing short term measures such as spending certain amounts of money in short periods of time, working towards sustainable development and moving ahead with a diligent approach can lead to a better and economically prosperous world. ...read more.


This way, the economy of the nation will also not face any considerable repercussions. 1. People need to start considering the natural resources as their own property so that they refrain from carelessly wasting them and consequently, end up harming the environment. Following such beliefs and ideals will definitely bring about a drastic and favorable change as only then could people truly understand and care about mother nature. 1. People are often hesitant to do their part to help improve/save the environment because they are misled in believing that saving the environment requires a sizable investment whereas in actuality, all thats required is widespread awareness and earnest effort from our side which will greatly help in preserving our fauna, flora, aqua and terra. ...read more.


However, this intelligence can very well be a double-edged sword as while it can be applied in the right areas humans can live in a thriving economy along with and safe and clean environment, it can also cause major unmanageable economic fluctuations leading to a decline in the economic growth of a nation at the expense of invaluable natural resources. CONCLUSION If we change our mindset and consider ourselves as a part of the very ecosystem that we damage rather than masters of it, then we can expect a brighter future ahead. Through this approach, one can be more concerned about the environment and can be inspired to take the initiative and do his/her part to save the environment. Only then can the balance between economic growth and the environment in terms of utilizing and replenishing be maintained. ...read more.

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