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Essay on Global Warming from 2 Perspectives

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Timur Karimov Global Climate Change Essay Geography HL 20th January Block E For the past few decades, the Global Climate Change Theory has gained a great deal of attention and has become one of most discussed scientific topics. However, it has also grown to be the most debatable and contentious scientific theories of today. The topic has become so heated that almost any popular scientific news headline today is devoted to this theory. The Global Climate Change Theory is widely believed to be a prophecy or a prediction of an approaching global environmental catastrophe due to relatively sharp temperature changes. The main idea of the theory states that the sharp temperature increases are a result of a severe increase of the level of the CO2 gas in the atmosphere. A majority of scientists and entire Global Warming organizations believe that the oncoming catastrophe is a result of human actions, and primarily related to industrialization. Is it a fact? The theory is known to have a great deal of controversy. Many scientists attempt to prove the theory to be false and recent evidence has helped climate scientists to succeed at that. ...read more.


Climatologists from the IPCC organization believe that the recent rise and correlation of the CO2 and the global temperatures will lead to an inevitable catastrophe. It is predicted that the global sea level will rise and lead to massive floods: many coastal cities like New York, Singapore, London and Hong Kong will be under water. On average the temperatures rise ~0.2 degrees Celsius each year. It can be predicted that by the mid 21st century the North Pole may disappear completely.1 Not only will cities be flooded, but also many marine species will be at risk due to the warming of the ocean. The rise of temperatures in the ocean will lead to more often and more severe natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis, killing tens of thousands. The predicted levels of the climate change would be disastrous, if the IPCC report would have been flawless. However, there is much controversy associated with this theory. A recent study conducted by independent (non-government lead) scientists from NASA, Harvard and the US Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (OAA) has lead to a development of a new theory about man?s role in the climate change. ...read more.


It proved to be much more accurate than the other used techniques, consistently producing accurate results. Thus, by a whole new recent and independent analysis of the sunspots, it has been flawlessly proven that the global climate change is not human-made and is caused by the sun?s natural activity. In conclusion I would like to mention that the IPCC climatologists were mistaken about the global climate change being man made. The correlation of the Earth?s temperatures and the levels of carbon dioxide can be viewed as a coincidence. Due to the sunspot activity, and the excess radiation it produces, the Earth receives more sunrays and thus the temperatures rise. Due to the increase of the temperatures, it takes several hundred years for the ocean to start producing carbon dioxide, which due to its increase with the temperatures is mistakenly though of as being correlated. This solves the answer to the original questions ? that the global climate change is a completely natural process. 1. North Pole To Disappear By 2050 - Posted on March 27, 2011 http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/north-pole-to-disappear-by-2050/ Image 1. http://www.nps.gov/goga/naturescience/images/Greenhouse-effect.jpg Image 2. http://zfacts.com/metaPage/lib/zFacts-CO2-Temp.gif Image 3. The Great Global Warming Swindle Documentary Image 4. The Great Global Warming Swindle Documentary Image 5. The Great Global Warming Swindle Documentary ...read more.

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