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Illegal Immigration and Lebanon Postion Paper

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Hussain Khambata Committee Name: General Assembly Topic: Combating the flow of illegal immigration around the globe Country: Lebanon Delegate: Hussain Khambata, Raffles World Academy (Umm sequiem) What is illegal immigration and why is it a nuisance to us in today?s society? Illegal immigration is merely as ?A person who, owing to unauthorized entry, breach of a condition of entry, or the expiry of his or her visa, lacks legal status in a transit or host country.? Illegal immigration is considered a big threat by many countries and is rapidly growing. The causes are war, poverty, famine, economic and financial problems or poor living standards mostly in corrupt and poverty-stricken countries. The reason their increasing is as the governments are incapable of stopping or punishing these groups. This also affects the host nations as they face social and economic consequences. They bring poverty and disorder into a society, and the may apply for pension and health care which may increase the countries tax in return for these benefits given. ...read more.


the northern coast many Kurdish and Iraqis have been reported who left for escapes from their countries for reasons like political and economic. They enter by land throughout the Lebanese Syrian border and then go by sea heading Europe. Due to the Syrian war and massacre recently the amount of illegal immigrants entering Lebanon has increased drastically, The Syrian refugee problem began in April 2011, when the Syrian government used lethal force to crackdown on anti-government protests. The flow of refugees intensified with the military siege of Talkalakh in May and the military siege of Jisr al-Shughour in Idlib province in June. As a result of these military actions, thousands of Syrian citizens fled across the border to Lebanon about 90,000 have been estimated to enter. National legalization does not exist in the Lebanese legalization law that regulates illegal immigrants and their rights, such as their cases are dependable on law related to the entry of these aliens to Lebanon, of their residence. It also puts a fine, imprisonment and deportation and are re-located insured by the general security and upon request of the relevant authority. ...read more.


Also Lebanon would have to enforce stricter immigration laws and border controls to control the amount of flow of illegal immigration into Lebanon. Improve the administrative capacity at border crossing checkpoints; develop effective surveillance along the green and the blue border; ensure provision of training, modern Equipment, adequate infrastructure and facilities. It is very difficult to counter and control illegal immigration and a one night decision won?t make an overnight difference it takes time and lots of money and input from both the governments. To stop many things like the trafficking of people too and this Is very hard as lots of countermeasures are taken by these gangs as they are worth lots of money to risk. the problem will not be solved if it?s not undertaken from its roots. The perspective being too organize an international forum upon the request of the U.N and have them sort out the major issues like Syria?s Massacre that has being going on this will drastically decrease the amount of illegal immigrants immigrating to many of the neighbouring countries and specially Lebanon. ...read more.

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