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Izmit Disaster Justification

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According to the IB definitions below, was the Turkish earthquake a hazard event or a disaster? Use the reading to help answer the question. The Turkish Earthquake, happened on 17th August, 1999 at 3 am, had a magnitude of 7.4 and the epicenter close to the industrial center of Izmit. Whether the earthquake was a hazard event or a disaster depends on how much help Turkey needed. The earthquake was surely a hazard event because it caused economic, environmental and social disorders in Turkey. The oil refinery, stocking 70000 tons of oil was on fire and all the resources were burned out. ...read more.


Only 60 percent of adults and 95 percent of children survived in the earthquake, causing population demographic change. Above shows that the earthquake is a hazardous event, but the outside help Turkey seek made it into a "disaster". Countries all over the world provided help to Turkey. US Red Cross donated $138508 and the Lincy Foundation made 1 million donations to support the Red Cross. US also donated biscuits and kits for aid. Denmark sent 16 rescue workers and 9 trained dogs and Greece sent 25 disaster experts. German Red Cross set up a field hospital and arranged beds for the injured. UK provided 60 tons of aid which worth 500000 pounds. ...read more.


Therefore the Izmit earthquake is rather a disaster than only a hazardous event. Short Term Long term Social-Food Supplies Destroyed, mental stress disorders, 65000 buildings destroyed, farm lands destroyed Economic Environmental-Oil Refinery Fire, controlled Outside help-7 countries Aid, high dependence, NGO Disaster or Hazardous event? The Earthquake happened in the middle of the night, which increased the vulnerability. People weren't prepared for it and many are just crushed in their beds under several tons of concrete. 17000 people have lost their lives. 55 billion dollars are used up in the clone areas. The rescue wasn't' very successful. Rescuers from Europe need a long time to arrive Turkey and by the time they arrive most people have passed away. ...read more.

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