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Referring to the one or more examples discuss whether urbanization in LEDCs has more positive than negative consequences

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Referring to the one or more examples discuss whether urbanization in LEDCs has more positive than negative consequences Urbanization is the increase in the proportion of people living in towns and cities. Nowadays, towns try to develop in the best way they can. Development of them is connected with making better the conditions of life but also bring negative aspects. LEDCs try to introduce urbanization to their countries in every possible way. In my essay I will try analyze if urbanization in LEDCs has more positive or rather negative aspects. First of all, the reasons why less economically developed countries migrate to the city are various. What is obvious, people living in the areas which are far away from the city, usually live in a poor conditions. The process of urbanization that occurs help people in improving better conditions of their lives which example can be population migrating from small villages in India into Bombay. ...read more.


Also a city brings benefits from urbanization. People who come to get a job, usually work as a cheap labor force which example can be Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A city doesn't have to spend a lot of money on workers which gives a economical profits for it. On the other hand, urbanization brings negative aspects. Firstly, high number of people can cause overcrowding. It is connected with for example traffic jams because of high number of cars. It also cause the pollution. High number of people cause pollution in a form of huge number of rubbish they leave, fumes from the cars. Moreover, overcrowding causes the fact that sometimes there is a lack of place for people wanting to live in a city and there is a possibility of creating shanty towns like those in Rio de Janeiro. ...read more.


I strongly believe that urbanization is a great process that can let people live in better conditions, get job or better education. But the city cannot rise without any control. People living in shanty towns should get flats, which city should maintain them. It could me a skyscrapers which gives a place of living for a lot of people and they dont take a lot of place. It could reduce the number of shanty towns. For people who dont have a lot of money, the number of rents and taxes should be smaller. People then will have a money for maintain their families because the distances to their work will be smaller and will live in better conditions.I claim that urbanization in LEDCs is a good process which have good and bad sides but I think that it has more positive impacts. All the bad sides of urbanization could be reduced with a help of a government. ...read more.

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