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Sustainable Fishing Research -Protective Policies in Saudi Arabia

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Date: Tuesday, 18th September, 2012 Subject: Geography Topic: Sustainable Fishing Research Task Saudi Arabia Introduction: Saudi Arabia occupies 80% of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia lies on two major fishery places for Saudi; the Red Sea on the West and the Arabian Gulf on the East. In both the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf there are a large amount of fish and they are the main fish source. DEMAND Imported fish and fish products currently account for around 62% of total supply in Saudi Arabia. The demand will continue to grow faster than the supply as the population grow and local supply comes under pressure from both the changing environmental conditions and over utilisation. ...read more.


As part of these overall policy objectives, protection of the marine environment is also a major Government priority. Overall strategies: The government objectives for the fisheries are: 1. To produce fresh fish for local markets as part of national food security policy. 1. To develop sustainable fisheries management through merchandise conservation measures. 2. To improve the economic performance of different fishery sectors through finer utilisation of the marine environment. 3. To support local fish production supplied from both capture fisheries and aquaculture. 4. To encourage and increase fish in order to reduce fishing pressure on local stocks. Fisheries Management: Saudi Arabia has number of management measures to control utilisation of its fishery resources in both the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. ...read more.


These included: 1. It is mandatory that at least one Saudi be employed in every boat (12 meters long or more) 1. A freeze on the issuing of new licenses for shrimp fishing. 1. Boat owners can only sell their fishing boats after two years from that issue date of their fishing license. Since many of the stocks that are utilised commercially by Saudi fishermen are regional, regional co-operation with neighbouring countries in management will also need to be developed. At the present time, the regional fisheries commission (RECOFI) is not able to effectively implement or help such regional co-operation. Coastal development in the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea areas are impacting coastal fisheries resources. These developments therefore need to be taken into account in during the development of fisheries management in the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia), which will include fishing capacity control. ...read more.

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