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The barrel is running dry

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As we all know we cannot rely on Oil much longer. It is no longer a reliable and sustainable energy source. This is why it is essential that we start looking for alternative energy sources. In the past, we have done very little to reduce our dependency on our limited resources. Therefore we need to switch to alternative resources that we know are unlimited. This needs to be done quickly, while there is still time to develop and refine alternative technologies. Some alternative resources include wind energy, solar power, hydro power and tidal power. Wind and solar power are both fast growing energies in the world. They are both renewable resources of energy. Solar power can be a very versatile source of energy. It can power almost anything including cars, houses, gardens, heating, satellites, etc.. However, most importantly it is a clean renewable energy source. Today, we are able to meet all our demands using solar energy. 1However, only 0.1% of our power energy actually comes from direct sunlight. ...read more.


This is an issue that our current scientific knowledge cannot solve. Energy created by wind is now economically competitive with fossil fuel etc. in windy areas. Wind energy is only cost efficient if it is installed in a very windy area. In order for wind energy to be cost efficient there needs to be an average wind speed of 25km/h. There are three places where wind turbines are found, off shore (no further than 10km of the shore), near shore and on shore. Most wind farms are located in coastal areas, top of hills and open plains. The basic scientific idea is the sun heats our atmosphere unevenly. The warm air then rises and other air blows into replace it "wind". We use the energy in the wind with a tall tower with a propeller. The wind blows the propeller round, which turns a generator to produce electricity. This is why towers of the wind turbines are very tall, so they are able reach areas with stronger wind. 4Towers range from 20-80meters tall. ...read more.


Another let back is the fact that we cannot control where the wind is. Wind energy is only worth it when there is enough wind to benefit from the cost of construction etc.. In this way science is presently not able to entirely solve a problem. Scientist need to find a way that we can use the wind available and still make it cost efficient. We do not have two earths we have to live with what we have. We are currently killing our environment. As time goes on the price of fossil fuels will raise because of the decreasing amount. This is why we need to spend more time on advancing alternative resources that are reliable and can last. Wind and Solar energy are here to stay. Word 1059 Sources: Frequently ask questions http://www.bwea.com/ref/faq.html#noise The cost of wind www.canren.gc.ca/tech_appl/index.asp?CaId=6&Pgld=232 Wind power- energy from the air www.homeclara.net/darvill/altenerg/wind.htm Benefits of Solar: Environment www.self.org/shs_envir.asp Solar Energy Facts Answers www.jc-solarhomes/solar_energy_facts.htm How does solar power work? www.ezinearticles.com/?HOw-Does-Solar-Power-Work?&id=68282 Solar Power is energy from the Sun www.home.clara.net/darvill/alternerg/solar.htm Solar Energy will be Percentage of World Electricity http://www.solarhome.org/newssolarenergywillbepercentageofworldelectricity.html Solar Thermal www.uneptie.org/energy 1 www.ezinearticles.com/?HOw-Does-Solar-Power-Work?&id=68282 2 www.home.clara.net/darvill/alternerg/solar.htm 3 http://www.solarhome.org/newssolarenergywillbepercentageofworldelectricity.html 4 http://www.bwea.com/ref/faq.html#noise 5 www.canren.gc.ca/tech_appl/index.asp?CaId=6&Pgld=232 6 http://www.bwea.com/ref/faq.html#noise 7 www.canren.gc.ca/tech_appl/index.asp?CaId=6&Pgld=232 ...read more.

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