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Water conflict

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2 Prompts: 1) Using at least one example, examine why access to water resources is an increasingly important international issue in arid regions. 2) Competition for water is a major cause of international conflicts in arid areas. Using examples, explain why such conflicts exist. From the outset, water shortage is not a regional issue anymore. It became more and more globalized during the past few decades. Water deficit have became a common problem for many countries all over the world, no matter LEDCs or MEDCs. For example, in many regions of India, the water table is falling by 1-3 meter per year. In some areas, the consumption of water is even 2 times bigger than the recharge. Similarly, the water table is falling by 2-3 meters per year under much of the North China plain. USA, one of the world most developed countries, is also facing similar problems. In its Southern Great Plain, where irrigation is heavily dependent on Ogallala aquifer, "also known as the High Plains Aquifer, is a vast yet shallow underground water table aquifer located beneath the Great Plains in the United States". ...read more.


Back to the three countries, India, China, and USA. These three countries account for nearly 50% of total world grain output. And it is mentioned previously, they are all experiencing water shortage at present as their water tables in irrigated areas are falling annually. This directly affects food production in these three countries. As food supply drops, this will create even greater starvation in the world. Water shortage will not only lead to starvation, but also hinder economic development as almost all economic activities are dependent on water .This another reason for why that access to water resources is an increasingly important. Water shortage will affect both supply side and demand side of the economy. For instance, in Canada, water shortage causes lower lake levels. This led to a reduction in shipping loads as well as water availability for clean hydro-electric power on the Great Lake. Similarly, as water shortage decreases production of crops. It will also affect some power-producing industries as crops can also be used to generate energies. On the demand side of the economy, the influences of water are also significant. ...read more.


This conflict led to the Six Day War in 1967. Meanwhile, Syrian diversion project was totally destroyed .Israel also took control of the Jordan's headwater including Golan Height, the West bank and the Gaza Stripe. A similar attack on East Ghor Canal took place in 1969 because Israel suspected that Jordan was diverting excess amount of water. Water is essential to human survival, livelihoods and most forms of economic production. Similar to oil, it is spark of conflicts between countries. As availability of water resources is reduced, countries are obliged to obtain more water resources. One way of doing this is to extract more water from original water resources. In arid areas, many countries share one same river. They all want to divert the river in order to main their food production and economic development. But the water resources are limited. In addition, even though many countries attempted to eliminate the conflicts by using peace agreement. But these agreements rarely worked out. This is another for existence of water conflict in arid regions. So these countries use military actions to ensure their dominance over the water resources .This is how conflicts arise in these areas. . ...read more.

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