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International Baccalaureate: Group 4 Projects

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  1. Environmental Impacts of Bowling in the past and in the future. Originally, bowling balls were made out of lignum vitae, a wood so dense that it would sink in water.

    After seeing that the demand for hard wood was driving the lignum vitae to extinction, the bowling industry started making balls out of rubber. Once rubber began to diffuse throughout society, it decrease the amount of harmful impact to the environment. There was still a considerable amount however given that in order to make the rubber balls they needed to cut rubber wood. This was not such a big impact however because rubber trees are fast growing and very sustainable, as a result it is obvious that at early age, the bowling industry was already making a change for the best.

    • Word count: 1221
  2. Free essay

    Group 4 Paper 2008

    Lignin is a complex polymer that is mostly responsible for rigidity and strength in the structure of plants. In order to extract the cellulose, the wood goes through a process called pulping, which can be done either mechanically or chemically. Chemically, the wood is cooked with chemicals that serve to dissolve the lignin. Mechanically, the wood is finely ground or chopped to separate the cellulose. However, mechanically processed pulp still contains much of the lignin, which can cause undesirable effects in the resultant paper. The process also tends to produce fibers that are short and stiff, and which yield paper that isn't very strong.

    • Word count: 1546
  3. EVS-Lab quadrant study

    * Surroundings During the vegetation may have species of plants with sharper thorns, therefore careful conduct must be undertaken while performing the vegetation study. Method- The Method used to study the vegetation at various areas was by the help of a Quadrat and a 25m belt line transect. Quadrants was used a technique to observe vegetation levels at the site, therefore two Areas(Terrace & forest) were employed where 4 sites were marked to study the vegetation level and make comparisons.

    • Word count: 1794
  4. physics lab report group four project

    was varied. Trial Voltage (V) (V) (�0.2V) Current (I) (A) (�0.00001A) Distance between plates (l) (m) (�0.005m) Length of plates (L) (m) (�0.001cm) Width of plates (W) (m) (�0.1m) 1 15.0 0.00004 0.070 0.055 0.035 2 15.0 0.00007 0.040 0.055 0.035 3 14.2 0.00015 0.010 0.055 0.035 Table (4): the voltage between the plates and current flowing through the circuit as the distance between the plates (placed in the garden soil suspension) was varied. Trial Voltage (V) (V) (�0.2V) Current (I) (A) (�0.00001A) Distance between plates (l) (m) (�0.005m) Length of plates (L) (m) (�0.001m) Width of plates (W) (m)

    • Word count: 1016
  5. homeostasis and sports - experiments measuring the effects of exercise on the body

    The film was inserted in the glucometer slot and the blood glucose level value was read off the screen and recorded 4. step 2 and 3 were repeated for the second volunteer 5. Afterwards, the game squash was started, and immediately the stopwatch too 6. the game was played for one and a quarter hours 7. At the end of the game, the blood glucose level was checked again and the readings were recorded on a table . Data collection Volunteers Blood glucose level before squash+ or - 0.00mmol/L Blood glucose level after squash.

    • Word count: 1168
  6. Group 4 project

    * In a conductor electrons can move very easily. E.g. metals have delocalized electrons that move easily. * In an insulator electrons are NOT free. * Things you can CHARGE are insulators. Charging by induction <-- induced charge The charges are induced. One is negative one is neutral. This then induces a positive charge on one end of the neutral. Attraction occurs. Like charges repel, opposite charges attract + + Repel - - Repel + - Attract - + Attract The gold leaf electroscope: Colomb's Law The force is dependant on: * Size of each charge * Square of the distance between them where ?

    • Word count: 1459
  7. Waves and friction

    We took the bamboo and ran it across the pool to observe the wave motion and noted it down. Once we were satisfied that the waves have a probability of affecting the waves, we moved to test the real swimmers. Experiment 1 We made Dennis and Shahbaz swim at a slow pace, close to each other for the full length of the pool after which w conducted an interview to analyse what they experienced in this controlled environment. Experiment 2 We made both swimmers swim at a fast rate.

    • Word count: 1492
  8. age sex pyramids environmental

    Looking at yr 2050 the population seems to be increasing at a decreasing stage. Looking at the figures the total population has increased by about 500 000. 1991 2000 2020 2050 Population 853,724,391 1,004,124,224 1,362,053,154 1,807,878,574 Male 440,668,382 518,116,394 518,116,394 915,650,957 Female 413,056,009 486,007,830 662,030,607 892,227,617 2) Developed country : United States of America Current yr: 2008 Population size Crude birth rate Crude death rate Fertility rate Life expectancy Rate of natural increase Doubling time 304,228,000 14 8 2.1 78 .6% 11.6 yrs Total population Male Female 253,492,503 123,868,531 129,623,972 Total population Male female 282,158,336 138,433,662 143,724,674 USA displays a slow growth of increase in population.

    • Word count: 1163
  9. Global Positioning System (GPS)

    is an example of an online program that allows users to track their pets. Users can enable geo-fences, and follow the pet's movements in real time. b. The IT Background of the subject Since 2001, developers have tried to analyze using the method of instantaneous positioning for continuous access to high-rate data. The first effort was taken by the Orange County Real Time Network. Now, Real time GPS can now commonly be found in any new mobile phones, PDAs and PCs.

    • Word count: 1080
  10. Producing an advisory leaflet - I have chosen the transitional period of moving from primary to secondary education for two reasons the first reason is that I am facing this stage in my eldest childs life at the moment,

    After the class session on transition we formed a list of things that we all thought important to mention although some of these did relate to primary school. See appendix 2 as I have included this list. Theory The theory relating to making friends Friendships from this point onward become central to most young people happiness and emotional wellbeing. Friendships will help young people develop an identity separate from their family. P,Tassoni,2007, child development 6-16,oxford,Heinemann. Reason for limiting the amount of writing for parents Although there are many advantages to using writing as a way of communicating with parents, practitioners must understand that not all parents are at ease with the written language.

    • Word count: 1715
  11. Group 4 Journal. Our process was an industrial one called Aquaponics. Aquaponics is basically the combination of aquaculture (raising fish in a tank) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water).

    The submersible pump pumps the water throughout the system in which the physics lab would be conducted to investigate the behaviour of water. Next, we started to build the system and bought the fish in a separate container. When we were done building the system, the fish were introduced. Then we integrated the plants into the system and did a Chemistry lab to test the chemistry of water. After these tasks were done, we discussed poster ideas. The poster would involve our data collection and processing of our labs conducted and pictures of our system and its components.

    • Word count: 1851
  12. Social Science Final Project- How have the events and issues of the 60s impacted your personal life?

    Although he had been through his share of racial discrimination he instilled in us love for all people regardless of color. He gave us an everyday example of how we were to be treated as well as how we were to treat others. I remember watching the images of violence on the television as young black people marched for their rights in the streets, I remember walking down the streets and being called "Niger" by a car filled with white passengers, I even remember that certain part of town that I was not suppose to be in because I would get beat up by the white people.

    • Word count: 1715

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