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International Baccalaureate: Group 4 Projects

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  1. ITGS Portfolio Assignment #1 Improvement and use of electric cars, and its affect on the environment Area of Impact: 3.5 Science and Environment

    Building more and more electric cars would mean having more people owning one. 2Recall that electric cars emission requires the process of burn coals, which leads to a large amount of carbon dioxide emitting into the atmosphere every year in US. Therefore, it is important to identify that creating more of these up-scaled electric cars may benefit our society, but it can also cause destruction towards our society, especially to the environment. Electric cars are much quieter compared to our everyday gasoline cars, this is because it has been invented this way to subtract polluting sounds around in our community.

    • Word count: 4685
  2. Why is alcohol considered to be a serious problem? As many 33,000 people in the UK die from alcohol related causes each year- thats ten times as many people that die on the roads

    When yeast anaerobically respires they break down the glucose into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Word equation: glucose ethanol + carbon dioxide + energy Chemical equation: C6H12O6 (aq) 2CH3 CH2OH (aq) + 2CO2 (g) This process of fermentation is carried out by various enzymes produced by the yeast cells. The type of grain or fruit used, the length of fermentation and the amount of year used during fermentation all determine the alcohol content and the type of alcohol that is produced.

    • Word count: 3475
  3. Supply Chain Management for Kinley Project

    The additional one will cover all demand for Europe. Looking through the geographical position of Europe, the distribution centre should be located in the heart of Europe, low cost and able to reach end user within 2 days of lead time. We come to 3 (three) potential location whether located one more DC in UK or in Slovakia or in Germany. 2.1 United Kingdom This country is still a good option due to largest customer of Kinley to be served.

    • Word count: 3753
  4. Design Technology Investigation

    a lot more disk space than that to save their files as well as a more simple and classy professional look to their USB. 12) If it has a cap it should somehow be attached to the main device so that when using it you don't lose the cap and etc... especially if the design is for children who tend to be forgetful and not always the most responsible- therefore more likely to lose a tiny cap meant to protect their USB Device.

    • Word count: 4162
  5. IB GR4 Project / Global Warming

    Also, if air dries, the minerals precipitate, the water becomes harder. Carbon dioxide, which is dissolved in the ocean water reacts with water carbonic acid. The pH decreases, acidity also acts upon lives of organisms, in the ocean and on land, by the acid rains. The use of coal, oil, and natural gases increases the amount of carbon dioxide present in the Earth's atmosphere. A certain amount of carbon dioxide is needed for especially photosynthesis and plant growth. If there is more carbon dioxide than needed, plants start to loose less water and begin to grow under drier conditions.

    • Word count: 4899
  6. Comparing the depiction of Indian women in the paintings of RAJA RAVI VARMA during the colonial period and in the works of FRANCIS NEWTON SOUZA during the postcolonial period

    It is not unusual to say that women have stolen the show in the hands of the painters and the portrayal of women has undergone a massive change with the passage of time. If Ravi Varma?s Sita, Draupadi, Damyanti and Shakuntala are the representatives of the rich legacy of Indian Painting, Jatin Souza?s nude paintings, such as ?the nude Indian woman with mirror? and ?standing nude? are a mirror that shows the transformation of the stereotyped image of the women over the years.

    • Word count: 3139
  7. Research Report Time management strategies among HKU SPACE Community College students".

    Time management is important should be a true statement, however, from the research, only few respondents suggested that time management was not important. It might relate to their actual practices or they might have managed their time inadvertently. Therefore, they thought they could perform well without time management. We had interviewed 50 college students? views on the assistance of time management on daily performance. For those who had planning habit, only 7 interviewees thought that having a plan was very helpful to their daily performance.

    • Word count: 4309
  8. Determine the presence of reducing sugar, protein and starch in the food products by using Benedict test, Biuret test and Iodine test,

    Benedict test[2] Benedict test is used to determine the presence of reducing sugar which is monosaccharide and some disaccharides. However, non-reducing sugars such as sucrose won?t have Benedict reaction. In order to have the result with Benedict test, the non-reducing sugars first would have to be transformed into reducing sugars. This can be done by adding hydrochloric acid (HCl) and hydrolyzing them. Here is the purpose of HCl/Benedict test.[3] So basically, Hcl/Benedict test is used for determination of sucrose.

    • Word count: 3584
  9. Research Project. Social networks: How they influenced business and employment

    Abstract word count: 287 ________________ Contents Abstract Introduction History of Social Networking Functioning / IT Background of Social Networking Why businesses and people today need social networking? Market research: - Commonplace: - Videoconferencing and Instant Messaging:- Marketing: - Examples and uses of some of the social networks LinkedIn Facebook Ecademy Foursquare Blackberry Devices Twitter Important facts and reasons for the need to change to social ways Implications and possible uses of the statistics related to Social Networks Conclusion Appendix 1.3 26 Promising Social Media Stats for Small Businesses Appendix 1.2 Appendix 1.2 ________________ Introduction My topic is ?Impact of Social Networks: How they influenced the business and employment?? is based on the subject ITGS.

    • Word count: 6897
  10. Designing a series of modern fashion accessories design collection with the theme of combining Indian traditional culture and current fashion trend.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1. Process _________________________________________________________________________________ 4 1. Investigate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 1. Environment While Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    • Word count: 5234

The IB Diploma Programme is a demanding and robust programme of education which students follow at the ages of 16-19. The DP has been recognised as being a strong qualification by universities across the globe, and by leading employers. The DP ensures that students: develop their intellect with due ethical consideration, acquire a breadth of knowledge by studying subjects from 6 subject groups (unlike Advanced level where students generally choose three subjects), and undertake in-depth research into an area of personal interest.

The actual subjects studied include a choice of language, anadditional language, a social science, an experimental science and mathematics. In addition to this students then choose an either arts subject or can choose a second subject form the original 5 groups. Three core elements are also required: that extended essay, completion of the Theory of Knowledge course and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS), which is a range of activities which run alongside the academic programme. Assessment is completed by both internal means and by external examination. Each course is marked and students awarded a score between 1 (the lowest), to 7 (the highest). The diploma is awarded to students who achieve a score of at least 24 points.


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, a widely accepted pre-university qualification, was developed in the 1960s as an educational standard for a globalising world. If you want to attend university in another country, or you just want to infuse your education with an international perspective, then the IB diploma could be a good option for you.

Excellent writing skills will be indispensable here: each course is partly assessed on written work, and students are required to submit an extended essay as well. To support you in all your writing endeavours, Marked by Teachers has amassed a collection of student-submitted IB essays covering everything fromthe group 4 projects to world literature. Study the teacher-marked and peer-reviewed examples to learn how to edit your own essays, and produce highly polished work.

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