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Advertisment and technology. Planning an ad campaign for Anti-Bully spray

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´╗┐AOI: ENV UQ: What are the advantages of advertisement and in what way does it influence our environment? What is an ad and what is it used for? My new Computer technology project is about creating an advertisement. In my investigation I have to explain in details about benefits of ads for community, choose a target group and technique for my ad and most importantly present several ideas and then choose one. I also have to explain in details how this topic has an impact on our environment. After creating several designs and then choosing one and creating a plan, I have to make my creation. So, what is advertisement? Advertisement is a public and paid communication that promotes in a usually positive way goods, services, ideas and people through means such as radio, television, internet, newspapers and etc. Ads inform and motivate people. Their main objective is to change the thinking pattern of the people from their target group and in a way, and get them to do what the advertiser wants. Ads can also influence people?s attitudes and behavior in a different way ? for example political party before a local election. Apart from promoting commercial goods, advertising can also be used to educate and motivate the public about non-commercial issues such as AIDS, deforestation, family planning, etc. ...read more.


The rest, 70%, are young people under 25, especially women. In high schools this is a particular problem ? 30% of all high school students in USA are involved in bullying ? are bullied or are the bullies. Data suggest that teenage bullying is more common among younger teens than it is among older ones. In this type of bullying, the instigator attempts to physically dominate another teen. This usually includes kicking, punching and other physically harmful activities. So, definitely the best weapon such young person could have is bully spray. It won?t hurt (at least not permanently) the attacker, but it will disable him or her and leave enough time for the victim to escape. According to these data, it?s obvious that my target group will be teenagers. So I have to adjust the ad to the general taste of young people to attract their attention. Design for the spray should be small and easy to use. So, I have to use the appropriate color for my product. It must be something that people will easily notice ? so it has to an intensive color such as red or black. I think red is the most suitable one because in a way it represents something strong and powerful and this is should be the main characteristic of this spray. ...read more.


On the other side, presenting a video would be the easiest way and definitely the most affordable way. So, billboards and websites include paying a price and therefore are not so affordable, although both of those techniques have great characteristics. On the other side, video is the most suitable technique for this product because it has the widest range of possibilities and it doesn?t involve money. Also, the way of presenting it is really simple and many people will be able to see it and even comment it. This is important because of my evaluation of the product. So, I chose video as a technique for my ad. AOI Environments is the best area of interaction for this project because most ads have economical and social impact in the area where we live. For many people in my city, Sarajevo, the primary source of income is the work in one of marketing companies. Also even more important factor, is that there are many ads made by organizations from the protection of environment that inform people how bad situation is and how we should do more to protect our fields, water, forests, and animal habitats. Design brief: My ad will be a video about Anti Bully spray. Design specifications: -my ad will last 25-30 seconds -it will include at least two people in it -it will have music and a very few special effects included -it will advertise a pepper spray -it will be appropriate for a specific target group ...read more.

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