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diet in sports

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BIOLOGY GROUP 4 PROJECT REPORT GROUP 3 GROUP MEMBERS * Nick Kariuki * Peris Mukoko * Eric Mugendi (group leader) * Christine Jobita * Omar Chaudry * Susan Kariuki INTRODUCTION Diet refers to the amount and type of food we eat. In sports, the type of food a player eats determines his performance as well as his general well being. Therefore, the player has to include several key components into his diet, among them carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Each of these components has its own important function, and together they form a balanced diet. Components of a balanced diet * Carbohydrates: Provide energy * Proteins: Used for growth and repair of body tissues * Lipids: Used to provide energy, thermal insulation, source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K * Vitamins: Needed in small amounts for good health, therefore have to be in the diet * Minerals: Occur in form of ions, needed to maintain osmotic balance in cells, some have specific functions e.g. ...read more.


* The food substance was mounted on the mounting needle. * The food substance was heated using the Bunsen burner. * As soon as the food substance ignited it was placed under the glass beaker. * The new temperature of the water was measured. * After the food substance burned the new mass recorded. * NB- The deflagrating spoon was used for the butter and margarine instead of the mounting needles. RESULTS Energy Content Energy change = mass x specific heat capacity x change in temperature Bread = 50x4200x2.5= 525J Almonds =50x4200x33= 6930J Beans =50x4200x8= 1630J Peanuts =50x4200x25= 1680J Butter =50x4200x9= 1890J Margarine =50x4200x7= 1420J OBSERVATIONS * The food substances that had oils (nuts) contained the most energy * Almonds contained the most energy (6930 1) * The lipids contained more energy than the proteins and the carbohydrates. Bread had 525J, while beans had 1630 J. Butter had 1890 J. * Conclusion * The peanuts and almonds were the best sources of energy SAMPLE QUESTIONNAIRE -What areas of sport do you specialize in? ...read more.


This special diet give one energy to last for this long period * Hot peppers are not advisable because they make the heart beat faster thus tiring one faster OBSERVATIONS * Most responses that we got indicated that most sports do have a special training diet, and each diet was designed for the person playing to achieve the specific requirements of that sport, for example, rugby requires plenty of carbohydrates because it is an intensiveenergy sport * All the responses indicated that players were advised against eating fried foods and red meat. This is because they are difficult to digest and add to the cholesterol level as well as the body fat content * 0ne player indicated they were advised against drinking alcohol. We took this to be because alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it increases urine levels and reduces coordination Conclusion * Most sports have specific requirements for the players, with each sport requiring a specific diet to achieve this requirement * Each sport has a number of foods the player is advised not to eat for various reasons ...read more.

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