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Environmental sciences Lab-1(Wet Stones Experiment)

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EVS LAB-1 (Wet stones experiment) By Arjun Sharma EVS LAB-1 Wet stones experiment Aim: To find the reason for some stones being wet on the river beach. Focused aim : To investigate the level of wetness on different rocks & how different colours & sizes effects the wetness level of rocks. Variables: Control variable: Number of stones Dependant variable: Amount of moisture Independent variable: Size & Colour of rocks Apparatus: * Digital measuring machine * Calculator * Thermometer Hypothesis: * Lighter the weight, dryer it is. * Higher the weight, more wet it is. Risk Assessment: * Since condensation level was high in the morning, Stones tend to be wet, Rubber boots are therefore recommended to wear while collection of the stones. * Since current levels were strong in the morning, not too much close contact with the stream while collecting the rocks is recommended. ...read more.


Dry mass (grams) Moisture content (wet mass-dry mass) Temperature (Celsius) Black 103.90 103.51 0.39 14.1 Yellow 334.89 334.65 0.24 15.2 Green 56.84 56.72 0.12 16.54 Green 90.61 90.4 0.21 15.16 White 234.57 234.17 0.4 14.41 Red 154.32 154.27 0.05 14.97 Blue 211 210.91 0.09 15.93 Green 316.79 316.54 0.25 14.30 Brown 251.45 251.05 0.4 14.75 Green 39.97 39.68 0.29 14.55 Black 129.71 129.56 0.15 15.21 Black 16.88 16.23 0.65 15.8 Purple 27.22 26.97 0.25 16.2 Black 15.45 15.38 0.07 15.83 Green 5 4.31 0.69 15.17 Red 15.73 15.65 0.08 16.5 Black 17.91 17.32 0.59 13.57 Black 32.79 32.45 0.34 15.7 Black 92.35 91.87 0.48 13.71 Red 56.93 56.56 0.37 14.59 Red 172.52 172.23 0.29 14.70 Black 103.51 103.11 0.4 14.71 Red 31.45 31.07 0.38 14.60 Black 81.97 81.6 0.37 13.37 Black 16.56 16.27 0.29 15.16 Relationship between temperature & the dry weight Conclusion: Based on the readings above we can see that ...read more.


However we could have made this experiment more accurate by: * Widening our sample range. * By widening our time scale, for instance if we could have performed the tests at 3 different points in the day(morning, afternoon & evening we may have been able to test for temperature change having an impact on the wetness of the stones) * If we tested the stones with a neutral PH level of water to determine the dryness or wetness and then compared it to the Ph levels of water in the river, then there may be acidity or Alkaline levels of water have an impact of the dryness or wetness. * Collectively it would have been interesting to compare results across all teams to see if location of test had an impact on results or when the results are consistent across all teams & determine the factors that are affecting the readings on different sites. ...read more.

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