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GROUP 4 PRESENTATION TITLE: HEAT TRANSFER IN SPORTS AIM: DETERMINING THE HEAT GIVEN OUT TO THE SURROUNDING WHILE PLAYING SQUASH AND TABLE TENNIS To obtain a value for energy change in indoor sports using temperature change within an enclosed area of play. The sports investigated here are squash and table tennis. The exact values for energy change would be calculated using density of air to obtain mass, specific heat capacity of air and temperature using the formulae energy = mass of air � specific heat capacity of air �temperature change. The energy values would then be compared and appropriate conclusions could be drawn with the data obtained. The sports would be compared based on the amount of energy lost to the surrounding air in form of heat, and whichever sport produced more energy and why. HYPOTHESIS Heat transfer is the process by which heat is given off from a body to the surrounding. ...read more.


6. The results were then tabulated and presented. DATA COLLECTION AND PRESENTATION SQUASH Measurements of the squash courts Length= 9.3 m Width= 7.5 m Height= 4.2 m Initial room temperature= 21�C max =19�C min ROOM TEMPERATURE TIME TEMPERATURE( �C) MIN MAX 5 21 21 10 18 22 15 15 24 20 18 24 BODY TEMPERATURE Initial temperature Final temperature PLAYER 1 36 38 PLAYER 2 36 38 PLAYER 3 37.4 39 PLAYER 4 39 40 ENERGY CONTENT IN THE SQUASH COURT ?H = MC?T Volume of the room = 9.3�7.5�4.2 = 292.95m3 Volume� density = mass 292.95m3�1.33kg/m3= 389.6235kg 389.6235kg �1kj/kg�9 = 3506.6115kJ TABLE TENNIS Volume of the room = 10.2�5.1�3.3 = 171.666 m3 Volume � density = mass 171.666kg � 1.33kg/m3 =228.3158kg 228.3158kg �1kj/kg �5 = 1141.579kj Conclusion * The amount of heat lost to the surrounding is more in the squash court than in room 29. ...read more.


* Spectators and other people who were collecting the data also may have altered the heat in the room. * There was only one minimum and maximum thermometer; two would have help in ensuring certainty of the results. * The roof is made of iron sheets, and though it has been painted white to prevent a lot of heat from entering the room, it still interfered with acquired information. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Glass squash court is preferable as it contains less heat and therefore efficiency in playing. 2. Lighter clothing is advised to ensure heat is lost to the environment to reduce fatigue 3. The school should invest in a table - tennis table since we looked all over the school for a table, but all we could get were 15 reading tables which had to suffice. 4. If there was infra red equipment in the school, it would have been easy to calculate and determine the heat energy given off by players and of that in the room. ...read more.

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