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Abel Sanchez-Alter ego

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Abel Sanchez Miguel de Unamuno Analyze the concept of alter ego in the chapters. Alter ego, by definition, is a second self, a persona within another person, or an identical personality compared to another. This can also be defined as a trusted close friend. This is commonly represented in literature as a character whose behavior, thoughts, or actions intentionally represent another individual. In media, it is commonly represented through a good versus evil personality. When one reads the book Abel Sanchez, it is evident that the two main characters, Abel and Joaquin, are alter egos of each others' personality for they are both have incredibly conflicting personalities although psychologically identical that are easily able to be compared. For example, it is evident that Abel is much more outgoing and charming as Joaquin is much more reserved and considered a social outcast, and Joaquin is much more self conscious and unsure of his character as Abel is much more strong and confident about himself as he does not feel the need to constantly compare himself to others and be self assured on an abnormal basis. ...read more.


Although these are assumptions, it is true that each has the ability to be each other or they could not be such good friends. The concept of alter ego is also true in Joaquin's own personality, for he has the contrasting duel personality that seem to fight each other to gain total control over his conscience. It seemed as though what he wanted to be and what his cold heart was meant to be conflicted his conscience throughout the first part of the book. He wanted to get over Helena and understand their love, but he loathed both of them as much as he tried not to. He wanted to go to their wedding to accept them, even though he knew it would be difficult for his heart to endure. Joaquin was even about to compromise his best friend to his desire and jealousy when the fate of his mortal state was left in his hands, and the reader could see the alter egos dueling against each other to make that decision of whether to kill Abel or not. ...read more.


It is often that people become attracted to one another lustfully due to outward appearances, but inevitably it can never be true love, although it is commonly mistaken as that. Another viewpoint of women in this novel is they are depicted as prizes to be won over. For instance, Helena got mad at Abel when he was telling her to give Joaquin a chance when she really loved Abel, exclaiming that women are not objects to be fought over. Also, it was hard for Joaquin to comprehend Abel when he claimed to love Helena no to make him angry or jealous but because he really loved her. Joaquin kept saying that Abel can have any girl he wants so he should just be with one of them, indicating that women are easily exchangeable and there isn't much difference between any of them; henceforth, it would be easy for him to just go off and find another girl. It is evident that women are depicted as objects, not actual human beings for both Abel and Joaquin treat them as though they are exchangeable merchandise viewed as prized objects judged mainly on physical appearance, judging by how they viewed Helena. ...read more.

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