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Abu Bakr's role in restoring order after the prophet's death

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Lugein al Fayez Islamic History 11 IB 1 Assess Abu Bakr's role in restoring order following the death of Muhammad. Abu Bakr's role was crucial to restoring order after Prophet Muhammad's death. The circumstances had been chaotic and disorganized since the Umma's leader had passed away, hence it was now up to the newly elected khalifah, Abu Bakr, to direct the people and reinstate peace and stability upon them. ...read more.


They were called apostates in relation to their treason. But Abu Bakr didn't take action against them until he followed the prophet's request to send an expedition to Syria. He assigned Usama bin Zaid to lead the expedition even though the Ansar thought that there was no point of sending an expedition and that Usama wasn't competent. Although it wasn't an extreme success, it proved Abu Bakr's determination and decisiveness as a leader, paving the path for him to deal with the apostates. ...read more.


They annihilated imposters and fake prophets like Musaylama in the battle of Aqraba in Yamama and other battles. As a result, the Umma returned to its peaceful state under Abu Bakr's rule. Abu Bakr shaped the Umma's fate after the death of Muhammad. He was a key element in the process of restoring order and stability. According to historical resources, there is a chance that the future of the Islamic Umma would've deteriorated if it wasn't for his presence and extremely significant role. ...read more.

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