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American Experience during World War II

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Mohit Kharbanda American Experience During World War II World War II was a catastrophic event that started in 1939 and ended in 1945, taking away the lives of tens of millions of civilians and militants. Although the war began in 1939, the U.S was reluctant to join and was on a neutral stance because it wasn?t in the interest of the American citizens to join. After Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor (the place where a naval fleet belonging to the U.S Navy was stationed) in late 1941, America was infuriated by this assault and declared war on Japan. However, America was not involved in the European war until Germany and Italy declared war on America a few days later. ...read more.


The European theatre was more modern in terms of warfare; both sides used and produced the best weaponry. German troops were still a tough opponent because the Germans had a better understanding of modern weapons. Figures for civilian casualties lost in the European theatre were much larger than in The Pacific Theater because most of the combat with tanks and bombings transpired in towns and cities. D-Day ? where Over 160,000 Allied troops and 30,000 vehicles were landed along a 50-mile stretch of fortified French coastline and begin fighting on the beaches of Normandy[1] ? was the climax of the war on the European western front; the breaching allowed the liberation of Nazi occupied France and allowed the allies to push into the borders of Germany. ...read more.


Since they were bombing during the day, bombers were vulnerable to anti-aircraft artillery and might have got shot down. In response to this flaw, the Americans built the B-17 ball turret gun to defend the bombers. Manning the ball turret was one of the most unsafe positions to hold because the ball turret was the most vulnerable part (under the belly) during dogfights against German aircrafts and was the most isolated part of the aircraft. America had many positive outcomes from the wars because it helped ending the Great Depression. World War II gave jobs to millions of people in America since soldiers were paid and women worked in factories to build the U.S arsenal. The weapon exports to UK and France also gained wealth for the U.S. The overall American experience was intense for soldiers but it brought great national pride for Americans, which is still present today. ...read more.

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