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Ancient Chinese people contributed a number of innovative instruments and tools which are still useful and relevant to the modern man.

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Ancient Chinese Contributions Ancient Chinese civilization is one of the greatest civilizations in the world. They have made important contributions in different fields like art, literature, science and technology. This paper is discussing important inventions of ancient China. Among the many innovations of the Chinese, I believe Gunpowder, paper, printing and compass are the most innovative and useful inventions. They are the true symbols of the wisdom and vision of the ancient Chinese people. Ancient Chinese people contributed a number of innovative instruments and tools which are still useful and relevant to the modern man. The invention of fine variety of silk is one of the greatest contributions of China to the world. Ancient Chinese people learned the technique of harvesting silk from silk worms. Another important invention of Chinese people is porcelain which is used extensively by people all over the world. Ancient Chinese used to drink Tea almost even 4000 years back. Thus they are considered as the inventors of this tasty drink. ...read more.


Before that, ancient people used natural materials such as grass stalks, earthen plates or tree leaves were used for inscription. Before the invention of paper, Chinese people used different things like bamboo, wooden strips, tortoise shells or shoulder blades of ox for writing. The ancient Chinese people first made a kind of paper using the process of silk reeling which was very expensive because of the shortage of raw materials. It was in the early 2nd century a new type of paper invented. It was cheaper than the previous one as the raw materials used were rags, bark, wheat stalks etc. This paper was light, durable and seemed to be fit for brush writing. Later this innovative idea spread to countries like Korea and Japan and gradually into Europe and America. (Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa, 2004) The second of the four greatest inventions of ancient Chinese people was printing. ...read more.


The invention of compass initiated revolutionary changes in the history of mankind. As the invention reached Europe, many Europeans travelled through the oceans to discover the unknown countries. (Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa, 2004). This was the very beginning of cultural, economic and social development of the mankind. Among the four great inventions paper, printing, gunpowder and compass of the ancient Chinese, paper is the one I believe as indispensable for our daily life. They are used for writing, reading, printing, drawing and packaging. If you are a business man you have to use paper for catalogues, circulars brochures etc. In the field of communications, the uses of paper are limitless. They are used for envelopes, newspapers, magazines and for many more usages. In your house, paper is used in the form of tissues, paper plates, toilet paper etc. Most of the important educational tools are made out of paper. In the fields of entertainment, medicine, building construction etc, various kinds of papers are used. Another important use of paper is in the finance sector. Paper is used to make currency, important bank and insurance documents etc. ...read more.

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