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Anti-semitism - history and causes.

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´╗┐Sally Rophie When and why did anti-Semitism begin? The word anti-Semitism started in the year 1878. But, this doesn?t mean that this was the year that anti-Semitism really started. They only named what was happening. Anti-Semitism has existed since the Jewish people or Judaism exists. There are three types of anti-Semitism. The first one is ancient anti-Semitism, which was primarily ethnic; Christian anti-Semitism, which was religious; and the racial anti-Semitism of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As I said before, it began since the Jews existed. They were always segregated, punished and criticized because they were different. The Jews always fought to stay together, not to believe in other gods. So the other groups didn?t like it and started hating them. ...read more.


One is the inferiority. Another one is not accepting other religions, not accepting anyone that is not like you and the third one in my opinion is jealousy because Jews have had money and studies. Anti-Semitism spreads because of ignorance, but it is not the only reason. Why are Jews the target of racism more than some other religious groups? Jews are a target because they are very few and they have always been envied because they have studied and they are very united. They support each other. And they have had money, although not all of the Jews have money, but some of the important people that have money, are Jews. But that is not the only reason. ...read more.


Although it is not something that can be dealt with because it is a huge problem, a problem that has grown out of control, the only thing that they have left to do is stay together and not letting get in between. It is a very complicated problem because people hate for no reason and the hatred spreads and suddenly you have a lot of people hating the Jews for no apparent reason. One of the things that have helped the Jews is the creation of the State of Israel, because it gives them a sense of belonging somewhere and it is easier to stay together. Also governments have started to accept them and welcome them in their countries and that is also very significant since they have the liberty to perform of celebrate their holidays and they traditions without any fear of getting persecuted. http://www.adl.org/hate-patrol/antisemitism.asp en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/1603-anti-semitism ...read more.

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