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Argument for Nuclear Power

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Over the next four years, the Liberals will continue to grow our economy and keep Ontario moving forward We've launched a $30 billion transportation plan to renew our roads, bridges, public transit, and community facilities. We will expand our Next Generation Jobs Fund to $1.15 billion to support job creation in areas of great potential We raised the minimum wage four times and put in place a plan to raise it again to $10.25 by 2010. We've invested $11 billion in our schools and created grants for in need post-secondary students, because we know there is no better poverty reduction strategy than strong, publicly funded education. ...read more.


Help Ontario businesses stay competitive by eliminating the capital tax by 2010 and reducing provincial property taxes on businesses and we will continue to manage taxpayers dollars wisely and in an open manner. The Liberals have been hit hard about broken promises but that was mainly because of our 5.6 billion dollar hidden deficit that the previous Conservative government left us, we are finally beginning to overcome that and Ontario is stronger than ever. The Liberals will keep Ontario moving forward VOTE LIBERALS We think that the Conservative's proposal to add scrubbers on coal-fired plants to reduce toxic emissions by 90% and to also reduce green house gases is ineffective. ...read more.


Nuclear energy is safe, reliable and 100% greenhouse gas free. If they do get closed, almost half of Ontario would have NO electricity, additionally many workers will lost their jobs that would be a terrible thing for our economy, we agree that we have to conserve energy but it wouldn't be nearly enough to make up 45% of the energy produced by nuclear power, Ontario has to move in a direction which will lead to a better environment but closing nuclear power plants is definitely not the solution. No nuclear power means no electricity, no electricity means that we have to light candles, we won't be able to cooked food and most importantly no television, msn, or facebook. So nuclear power plants or no electricity for half of Ontario, It's your choice. ...read more.

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