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Book Report of The Battle of Seven Oaks

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Su Lin Block B Ms. Puzio November 21, 2007 Book Report of The Battle of Seven Oaks I chose the book The Battle of Seven Oaks-And the Violent Birth of the Red River Settlement, because I was attracted not only by its colourful cover, but also its relatively interesting title, the short summary and the blurb on the back cover, and the illustrations in the book. The cover consists of the M�tis on the horses with weapons and serious facial expressions. It is obviously during a battle and it also expresses the "violence" mentioned in the title. According to the short summary, the Battle of Seven Oak was between the Hudson's Bay Company against the M�tis and the North West Company. Furthermore, the types of weapons are briefly described in the blurb, such as guns and cannons. This lures me to read more about the battle, because I wanted to know who won the battle and what happened during the battle. The Battle of Seven Oaks was one of the major events in early Manitoba history, which I had not heard about before. I was eager to know how the settlement led to the battle and how it was related to the M�tis. ...read more.


In fact, their concept of love was different from us because they were more realistic rather than romantic. One of the settlement groups (the third settlement) had caught my attention because of its large family groups. There were 63 settlers and they shared only 5 surnames: McKay, Matheson, Sutherlands, Bannerman, Mcbeth. As the researchers checked the current 2004 yellow pages in Winnipeg, the family with such names still lived in the Red River, and their names were used as the street names in Winnipeg. It is exciting to find the descendents of the first settlers since they had undergone many hardships but remain in the Red River. Finally, I learnt about Jean-Baptiste Lagimodiere, who was a M�tis and one of the important roles during the Red River Settlement--he carried messages from Red River to Montreal for the founder of the settlement, Selkirk the fifth. Also, his wife Marie-Anne Lagimodiere was Louis Riel's grandmother and other 629 descendants at the age of 95. She is also the first white women lived in the Red River Community. The author's skillful writing techniques made the book more entertaining rather than a piece of dull historical fact. ...read more.


As an important role, he started the settlement; however, the leader of each group of settlement, such as Owen Keveny, Archibald Macdonell, etc, who were comparatively minor, had been described with more personalities than Selkirk. Therefore, it was harder to understand the reasons behind some of his decisions. Although the book may seem too thin to contain thorough information about the Battle of Seven Oaks, the importance and significance of the battle is clearly explained and I have learnt a lot about the battle and the settlements. My questions about the battle were solved and the book had definitely met my expectation. I learnt the disagreement between NWC and HBC, also including the M�tis, and the initial incident that led to the battle, which eventually caused approximately death of 40 people and other injuries. The book not only talked about the battle, but also showed some leadership and human nature about the people involved in the story, such as how NWC tried to have hospitalities to the settlers in the beginning, even if they strongly disagreed with the settlement. Also, how NWC teamed up with the M�tis to expel the settlers, etc. Overall, I am satisfied about the book and the newly added background knowledge about Canada during the Red River Settlement, and the Battle of Seven Oaks. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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