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Discuss the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War. Was our involvement justified? Explain why or why not. Use evidence to support your thesis

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________________ Discuss the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War. Was our involvement justified? Explain why or why not. Use evidence to support your thesis. Throughout military history, the United States can be considered as one of the most successful countries. But the ?loss? in Vietnam can also be considered as one of the major setbacks for the US historically. Many historians including HR McMaster can agree with the famous aphorism that said ?the war was lost on the home front and not on the battlefield?. This famous phrase may be considered true by some however, not during the war itself. At the time, US troops being sent to Vietnam was certainly a good idea. Anti-war factions in the US were forgetting to take many other factors into consideration. They were forgetting about the US? strong foreign relations and policies with other countries. They were also forgetting how big of a threat communism was at the time even after witnessing countries such as Cuba, China, North Korea, etc?give in to Soviet ambitions. Therefore, US involvement in Vietnam was justified at the time due to their strong commitment to their foreign alliances and organizations, their strong commitment to their strict foreign policies against communism, and their overall fear of rising communism in vulnerable countries. ...read more.


Due to the long course of US policies and doctrines that opposed communism, the US felt obliged to join the South Vietnam forces in fighting Ho Chi Minh and his guerrillas. For example, the famous anti-communist policy of ?Containment? was one of the US? motives when decided to join this war. The idea was to ?contain? Ho Chi Minh and his guerillas by not allowing to them to spread communism into South Vietnam or anywhere else in Southeast Asia. The doctrines of both Truman and Eisenhower were also very strict anti-communist as they both agree both targeted Soviet expansionism. The US was not going to tolerate watching anymore countries submit to communism and they felt as though war was inevitable. This aggression and intolerance towards communism in the world motivated the President to send troops and join the war. These strong policies against communist expansions all help justify the US involvement in Vietnam. At the time, US involvement in the war was justified because the expansion of communism in the world would be a major threat to national security in the US. ...read more.


As a result, US involvement in Vietnam was justified due to them being a world power which causes them to commit to their alliances and their promises to other nations. US involvement and Vietnam was also justified because of the dangers that communist nations placed on Capitalist world. The Administrations of Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Johnson were right for not giving in to the request of the anti-war factions until later in the war. Once again the US lost the war ?on the home front and not the battlefield? which implies they could have won if they stayed longer. Even though the US lost this war, not getting involved would not have been the right thing to do because it would have made the US look weak. Not getting involved would have encouraged Ho Chi Minh and his guerillas to continue expanding west along with the help of the Soviets. This would have created a much bigger problem for the US and the Capitalist world. Therefore, US involvement in the Vietnam was justified because it essentially saved the world from communist regimes. Was US involment in Vietnam justified? James Ehahoun August 30th, 2012 IB History of the Americas ...read more.

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