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Global Warming

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Juan Casares MUN 12 Gr. 9/18/2008 Issues of World Article 1 Articles: Global Warming (New York Times), North Pole ice cap melting faster than ever (AFP), Kyoto Protocol (UNFCCC), Global Warming: An overview, Polar Bear Extinct within 100 years Location: Global warming is an issue that affects the world as a whole but is more evident in the arctic zones because of the diminishing presence of ice. In Greenland, for example, the ice caps are receding at a meter per year. An Internet article, "North Pole ice cap melting faster than ever", discusses this phenomenon thoroughly. It states that every year since 1978, the summer in the North Pole has increasingly caused a recession in the ice caps. Glaciologist Mark Serreze says that "the North Pole itself could even become free of ice by September for the first time in modern history, setting a new milestone in the effects of global warming on the Arctic ice shelf." ...read more.


This is caused by a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the effect produced as greenhouse gasses allow incoming radiation to pass through the Earth, but prevent the infrared radiation from the surface of the Earth from escaping into outer space (yourclimateyourlife). This is a natural process which allows the earth to maintain warmer temperatures. Given that human activity since the industrial revolution has increased, the concentration of greenhouse gases has also increased which has caused the global temperatures to increase at steady rates. But, since human use of fuel has grown exponentially over the past century and is still growing, the greenhouse gases concentration is enlarging and the temperature is increasing at a rapid rate. This is a problem because the increasing temperatures are melting the permanent icecaps and thus increasing the levels of ocean water, whilst freshwater supply is decreasing. Parties Involved: There is no particular party involved in this issue other than the U.N and other minor organizations. ...read more.


Therefore, the UN has to make people understand the problems regarding global warming and how to stop this global trend. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change attempts to tackle this issue. The treaty attempts to consider what can be done with the climatic changes. An additional treaty, the Kyoto Protocol, has more power and more legally binding measures than the UNFCCC. It commits nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions rather than encourage them (nations). Therefore, it implies economic sacrifice for the nations that agree with it. For this reason, nations like the United States of America have backed up from According to the article about global warming in the New York Times, "the evidence of a warming trend is unequivocal" and "human activity has very likely" been the cause of this warming trend. This study was directed by the United Nations scientific panel and it shows evidence that the United Nations is trying to deal with this issue. Although the UN's campaign should be more aggressive, it is up to individuals to become conscious about this unnatural phenomenon. http://afp.google.com/article/ALeqM5iTiK9q_JNH0CVdHRLUva36wj1QQg ...read more.

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