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Great Train Robbery

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Crime and Poverty in London "There were sections of London where a thief may rob a mansion and literally cross a street to disappear into a tangled maze of alleyways and dilapidated buildings crammed with humanity." This excerpt from the book tells us of poverty in London that helped the crime flourish. Crichton's The Great Train robbery reveals some of the problems that were the result of The Industrial Revolution Period. The first of these many problems is Poverty and another major problem was crime, whether it is juvenile crime, theft or other crimes. ...read more.


This is an example of how crammed poor families lived in London during this period of time. Their low wage was enough for this type of boarding because it costs a shilling or two for a week. In London specifically, there was a huge gap between the rich and the poor. You can see huge mansions and factories across the street from slums and poor areas. The rich would be the owner of the factories making huge profits while its workers who get low wages become the poor. Next, a problem that arose in the book frequently is juvenile crime. ...read more.


Last but not least, the biggest problem is theft and other crimes. People with low wages and living a hard life have no other choice but to resort to crime. An example of this is Alice Nelson A.K.A. Dalby who resorted to bug-hunting, a form of theft, because her income from Agar was not enough for her. Women, who were divorced by their husbands, especially did this because of their shortage in money. In conclusion, there were many problems in London due to The Industrial Revolution period. There were lots of people in poverty who were barely making a living. Also, juvenile crime, theft and other crime increased. ?? ?? ?? ?? Prudvi kasana ...read more.

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