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Historical Character

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Activity 2: The 1905 Revolution Option A: Russo-Japanese War June 1, 1905 I could remember it like it was yesterday, disgrace and dishonour still haunt me when I think of those days of tormented defeat. I cannot believe I escaped such a voyage with no harm. I was in Port Arthur with the Pacific Fleet of 27 ships which was commanded by Admiral Z.P. Rozhestvensky. The Russian government decided to link up the Pacific squadron with the Baltic Fleet upon which the combined fleets would overwhelm the Japanese navy. However this did not happen for when Rozhestvensky made for Vladivostok via the Tsushima Strait Admiral Togo Heihachiro's fleet lay in wait for him on the South Korean coast near Pusan. On May 27, as we approached, he attacked. ...read more.


I was still in disbelief contemplating on the possible obstacles ahead. As I looked up to the moon I could not see it anymore as I turned around to return to the bunker there was a bright flash of light. Debris was flying everywhere, there was a sudden bang and the night sky was lit by this colossal and malicious explosion. It was then I realized it was one of our ships and as I turned around I could see the Japanese fleet under the Admiral Heihachiro Togo approaching. We were compromised, and as we struggled to get to the battle stations it imminent that our inevitable end was near. Explosions and gun fire went off as the soldiers tried desperately to hold off the Japanese. One by one our fleet was taken out as we were barraged with mortars, shells and gun fire. ...read more.


I believe I lost reputation as a soldier and perhaps now the military would not trust me to get the job done. Perhaps I will be dismissed or executed for all I know. My actions were that of a coward and I shed no blood to defend Russia when 24 other ships perished, what does that say about me? Although I am not sure of my future I am aware that this defeat would indefinitely scar the Russian Government. To me this war seems pointless and simple yet our tactical and strategic plans were unsuccessful against Japan. We are now labelled as a weak and indecisive country and I believe that with the loss of the major ports in the Far East it would be idiotic to continue the war. Nevertheless, I am ready for the humiliation that awaits me and I hope, in the future, to make a difference in Russia. Seaman Mikhail Vladimir Raskolnikovas ?? ?? ?? ?? Prashanth Rasanayagam ...read more.

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