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History Character Activity

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Activity 3: The Russian Revolution 1917 Option C: The Bolshevik Coup d'�tat. November 1917 Dear Father, It's been a long time since I have wrote to you, how are you? I am writing to inform you that I was part of the Bolshevik Coup d'�tat. It truly was a revolutionary endeavour and being a part of it made me proud. I saw the Red Guards as they stormed the Winter Palace. I could see groups of people all marching shouting and yelling for the sole purpose of a new government. ...read more.


At the Bolshevik Coup d'�tat the Red Guards took over banks, government buildings, and the railways stations. The Red Guards took over the Winter Palace and arrested the Provisional Government leaders. The Provisional Government was weak and unpopular and it deserved to be eliminated. I believe now the new regime would be more successful in managing the country. The Tsar and the Provisional Government were senseless leaving Russia in an unstable position and it's for this sole reason that I decided to join the Bolshevik Coup d'�tat. ...read more.


His intentions and policies are beneficial to the country and would definitely help in establishing a new role for Russia. "Peace, Bread, Land" and "All Power to the Soviets" are the words I hold dear to my heart and I hope what Lenin said will be implemented. Father I am sure that Lenin would help people like us and the peasants for her stands for a face of prosperity and wealth.I hope you understand father and just to let you know I hope to become a member of the Communist Party some way or another. Sincerely, Mikhail Vladimir Raskolnikovas ?? ?? ?? ?? Prashanth Rasanayagam ...read more.

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