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Hitler essay

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Aditya Agarwal HISTORY Evaluate the role of ideology in the policies of one right wing, single party ruler, where social organisation was concerned (race relations, family values, education and propaganda etc) Hitler was an iron willed man with great courage and dictatorship skills. He rose to power in the years 1924 to 1933 and finally achieved the role of Fuhrer Prinzip in 1934. He played with words and twisted the minds of the Germans towards Nazi philosophy. The main ideology followed by the Nazis was that of the superiority of the Aryan race, which was further implemented by the policy of Anti-Marxism by Hitler. In Hitler's view, all groups, races, or people carried within them traits that were immutably transmitted from one generation to the next. No individual could triumph over the inborn qualities of race. All of human history could be explained in terms of racial struggle. Hitler used various techniques to spread his ideology of supremacy amongst the Germans as well as other European states. Hitler greatly believed in Darwinism and the theory of "survival of the fittest", for the Nazis it meant the ability to multiply and in turn the accumulation of land to support the growing population. ...read more.


A major instrument used to spread Nazi ideology was propaganda. A ministry was set up known as the People's Enlightenment headed by Joseph Goebbels. Propaganda campaigns were started which spread the Nazi philosophy. This made the German people believe that what the Nazis did was always right and good. Goebbels took control of various media such as the print media, visual media which included films, audio media such as radios and loudspeakers through which he controlled the publication and printing of matters so that every piece of work followed the Nazi ideology. Films were used as a great source as propaganda was mainly spread though visual media as it entertained the masses. Festivals were another way to spread propaganda, one large gathering called the Nuremberg Rallies was a highlight where thousands of people gathered on the roads to watch parades and hear speeches. Theatre and Literature was used to target the educated classes where books against Nazi philosophy were banned and many were added based on war and heroic actions of Germans. One major event that made Germany popular amongst the world was the Olympics of 1936 where media from over 40 countries was present and this was a great way to spread Nazi ideas and show German advancement. ...read more.


Hitler aimed to achieve self sufficiency and autocracy in both industry and agriculture through the use of substitutes. He believed that men should work and train in the armed forces while women should take care of the family and make use of their time to family plan. This way Hitler reduced the unemployment rate as only men were employed and demanded jobs. Hitler also followed a strict military policy in which expenditure grew as more men were trained and better machines and tanks bought for war. His basic aspiration was to accelerate rearmament so that Lebensraum could be achieved. Many people were executed or sent to concentration camps that went against Hitler's philosophy. This philosophy was spread to such an extent that the Hitler's youth had influenced the members to such an extent that even at home if any words were spoken against the philosophy the children used to launch a complain to the leaders of Hitler's youth and within hours the parents were arrested. Hitler had influenced the minds and the hearts of the German people. Every person including men, women and children fought for the right of Germany as portrayed by Hitler. There were many drawbacks or errors such as the Gestapo and the SS which later led to a decline in the support of Hitler. ...read more.

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