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How was Hitler able to create a one party state?

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Why was Hitler able to create a 'One-Party' State? The Third Reich of Germany came into power from 1933-1945. During this time, Germany was ruled by Adolf Hitler, and his infamous Nazi Party. At the time, the Nazi-Party was the sole party of Germany, and in this essay, I shall explore several factors showing how Hitler was able to become the sole ruler and dictator of the state. The first factor I shall consider is that of the weakness of the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic was the ruling party before the Third Reich, and was a parliamentary democracy. At the time, the Weimar Republic had just succeeded Germany after the First World War, and had to take charge of her crumbling empire. The Weimar was faced with the aftermath of the war- and their first major problem- the Treaty of Versailles. Under the treaty, Germany had to pay huge reparations to Germany. The rulers of the Weimar signed the treaty, and this caused much animosity amongst the people, and caused them to hate and blame the new government for their current situation. This drove more people to support other Right-Wing groups, and people started to lose trust in the government. ...read more.


Hitler also banned and censored all forms of broadcasts, publications or press that he found to be "anti- Nazi" and which encouraged the people to go against the Nazi state, this meant that it was actually impossible for the people of Germany to go against, or hear about people going against Hitler through means of public channels, and by effectively, cutting off all other access to the rest of the world, Hitler established sole control of the State. Hitler's personality also greatly helped him gain popularity amongst the people. He was a brilliant speaker, and was able to make people feel like he was addressing them, and them alone, and really touched the hearts of the desolate, desperate people of Germany at the time. He was charismatic and really driven by his goals. His determination to succeed, and his belief that he would succeed, made people want to believe in him more. However, the in elections of November 1932, the number of seats for the Nazi Party in the Reichstag fell from 230 to 196. This meant that the Nazis had failed to get the majority of seats. This leads me to my third point- the significance of Hindenburg. At the time, General von Papen was Chancellor, and Hindenburg President of the state. ...read more.


Hitler kept this power by the use of terror. He used the SA to instil widespread fear amongst the people. The Storm troopers attacked Jews and anyone else who opposed Hitler. Many opponents just kept quiet in fear of being murdered, and so by doing this, Hitler managed to remove anyone that might oppose to his one-party state, and left him with little political oppression. However, the SA was growing in size and power, and Hitler was soon scared that they themselves might seize power. On the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler stated that Rohm, the leader of the SA, had plotted to overthrow him and the majority of the members of the SA were rounded up and killed. This brutal action secured the loyalty of the German Army who had previously been wary of the SA's influence. Hitler was now in control of both his party and the Government. Finally, in July 1933, Hitler established a law- The Law against the Formation of Parties which stated that the Nazi Party the only political party in Germany. All other parties were banned, and their leaders were put in prison. Finally, through all these factors Hitler had gained total control of Germany, and his vision of a "unified" Germany under his Nazi party, was fulfilled. ?? ?? ?? ?? 25.05.09 ...read more.

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