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Is China a Superpower

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A Superpower is an internationally influential country that is economically stable, advance militarily and can keep up with global affairs. The People's Republic of China is a superpower because it has fulfilled these criteria's. China has recently just held the Beijing Olympics and it was declared a "Truly Exceptional Games" by Jacques Rogue the president of the IOC. The country is now ranked as the number one largest armed forces in the world, therefore China's position has led it to become a world power. Firstly, China has a wide variety of resources. It has an area of 9.5 million km� and is the fourth largest country in the world. ...read more.


The country has just held the 29th Olympic games, in the making of it China spent 42 billion USD and it is the most expensive games ever yet. This proves China's wealth and contribution to international events. Secondly, China's military force is called the People's Liberation Army which was established on the 1st of August 1927. China competes with other nations in it's nuclear warheads, China stands in 4th place with the number of 425. The Army is now the world's largest military with the grand total of 2,255,000 armed. The total amount of active troops are 7,024,000. As a result it shows China's total manpower. Following this, China has the ability to protect its citizens, resist any attacks and provide aid to its allies when they are under attack. ...read more.


Chinese Opera is internationally famous and is performed in a lot of places around the world. Kung-fu was first developed in China and is a international martial art, not only do many children learn it now, it is demonstrated in many famous movies. Chinese Cuisine has over 200 different dishes from different provinces. Later now, many American Chinese fast foods are popular choices. Chinese food can found in almost any city in the world. For this purpose Chinese arts have been spread widely across the world and influenced other cultures and led interest to the international society. In Conclusion, China's contribution to global affairs, it's recent economic status, developing nation, international events, and has the largest population plus military force, all combines together to make The People's Republic Of China a superpower. "Is China A World Power?" By: Phoebe Ho 10.4 ...read more.

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