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League of Nations

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History Essay "The League of Nations was crippled from the start" (Discuss) The League of Nations was an international peace keeping organization, where countries could solve their disputes peacefully, instead of resorting to war. It was set up in 1920, in Geneva, Switzerland. Originally formed by 42 members, the League was based on a Covenant (a set of 26 articles with rules and regulations which all members agreed to follow). Its main aims were to discourage aggression among nations, encourage international cooperation to solve economic and social matters, encourage nations to disarm, and to improve the living and working conditions of people from all over the world. Many historians consider that the League of Nations was crippled from the start, whereas others saw it as a step further in international affairs. On the one hand, some historians believe it would be unfair to dismiss the League as a total failure. To begin with, many of the committees and commissions the League had established, had great results in achieving international cooperation. For example, the ILO (International Labour Organization), whose aim was to improve living and working conditions around the world. ...read more.


Although Greece complained, she did as she was told. After all the arguments stated before, it can be said that the League of Nations was not ravaged from the start. On the other hand, some historians claim that the League of Nations was crippled from the start. To begin with, it was too closely linked to the Treaty of Versailles, which was regarded by many as unfair. In fact, they thought it was an organization set up for the victorious powers. It was known as "The winner's only club". Because of this, Italy and Germans in Czechoslovakia and Poland felt disappointed. Moreover, after Wilson's dismissal, and with the Republican Party taking control over the government, the USA decided not to form part of the League as she followed a policy of isolation, which meant that the League was deprived of a powerful member whose presence would have been of great psychological and financial benefit. This is not all; there were other important powers that did not join the League. Germany, as she was not considered to be a peace loving country and Russia, who for being a communist country, the members of the League of Nations, who were all capitalist countries, refused to take her in for they feared the expansion of communism. ...read more.


In addition to what has been said, the members of the Council and Britain in particular, tried to make the obligations of the League less binding. For example, Britain rejected the Genoa Protocol by which the members could be forced to follow the League's decisions. Finally, the League was undermined by the actions of some members who preferred reaching private deals over border disputes rather than ask the League to deal with them. For instance, when France and Belgium invaded the Ruhr, because Germany wasn't paying reparations, the League wasn't even consulted. This shows how countries were not fully supporting the League. All things considered, it can be said the League of Nations was incapacitated to achieve its aims, from the very beginning. So, therefore it can be said that although the countries had the intention of creating an international organization, to help countries recover after the ruins of war and keep peace between them, they should have known that it takes more than their goodwill to make it succeed. For its inherent weaknesses, the League was doomed to fail. ?? ?? ?? ?? Marlene L�cke Level 5 B 1 ...read more.

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