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Mussolini's Consolidation of Power

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´╗┐Account for the rise of the SPS under Mussolini by 1926 ?Explain why a single party state rose up under Mussolini by 1926? In 1922 King Victor Emanuel III appointed Benito Mussolini Prime Minister of Italy. Once he got the position of Prime Minister he started to consolidate the power by doing drastic changes like creating new laws, and doing things that would give him more power. In order to create a Single Party State a lot of things had to be done, and to make this possible fear had to be imposed among the people. Mussolini imposed fear and terror by creating a secret police called the Squadristi, they were also known as the Black Shirts. ...read more.


We can notice how violence helped Mussolini to gain more and more power with the pass of the time. Matteotti, a public enemy of Mussolini gave a speech in Rome declaring that the 1924 elections were a fraud and that the Fascist had won by using violence. So on June 1924 Matteotti disappeared and on August that same year his body was found outside of Rome, however the murder was never linked directly to Mussolini. Even though the murder was never linked to him, the people thought it was him who killed Matteotti, so Mussolini´s popularity began to decrease since the people didn’t want violence anymore. In order to recover the lost popularity he had to kick out of the Fascist Party any member who was violent, so three Ministers of his cabinet were kicked out. ...read more.


By 1926 the last opposition party papers had been suppressed, others conformed through a commitment or fear of the consequences of criticism. Some historians say that Mussolini read about 30 newspapers everyday to approve them or to send them back if something was saying anything against his Dictatorship. By doing all this his popularity increased since the people was only listening from the media good things about Mussolini. Since Italy has always been a religious country Mussolini´s plans included to unite the Catholic Church with his government. In 1923 he started to talk with the Secretary General of the Vatican to create a new relation in the future. By doing this union Mussolini would gain more popularity since the majority of the people in the country were Catholics. ...read more.

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