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Of all the available options, the one that can help the United States the most in the long run is that of Francis Fukuyama. His End of History policy is one which realizes that democracy has solidified itself as the most expert form of human governm

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The newly elected president of the United States of America, Barack Obama, will be faced with a very tough and important decision regarding foreign policy. Of all the available options, the one that can help the United States the most in the long run is that of Francis Fukuyama. His "End of History" policy is one which realizes that democracy has solidified itself as the most expert form of human government. Democracy will reign true and be the final form of government thus signaling the end of history of human's evolution in regards to ideological thinking (Fukuyama p4). His philosophy is that our President should take it upon himself to promote democracy in the various countries that are still non-democratic. There is statistical evidence that helps promote the idea of Fukuyama's theory. The evidence suggests that democracy decreases violence such as external and internal wars and conflicts. The end of the Cold War and increases in the number of democratic states were accompanied by a sudden, yet dramatic decline in total warfare, interstate wars, ethnic wars, revolutionary wars, and the number of refugees. ...read more.


an all democratic world are very slim, and closer to none considering the United States could intervene to stop such a thing. Some people argue though, that Fukuyama shows an "American-style" democracy, and this type of democracy is the only correct system of policies and that all countries must follow this exact type of government style. This is a misconception though; Fukuyama says that only in the future there will be more and more kinds of governments that use the framework of parliamentary democracy, which is characterized by no clear separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches, and contain markets of some sort. Fukuyama says that The End of History was never supposed to link specific American models of social organization. He believes the European Union more accurately reflects what the world will look like at the end of history opposed to the contemporary United States. While the idea of having a world full of democracy sounds good on paper, it will be very tedious to obtain. The United States needs to continue in Iraq until they have a stable democracy before we can move on to other countries, such as Iran. ...read more.


Although there is an extreme increase in Democratic based governments, the only real competitor in this idea is the Islamic Fundamentalism and its rise. This is a political and social movement in Muslim countries of North America, the Middle East, and South Asia. Although we may see this type of fundamentalism as a harsh interpretation of reaching one's goals through violence, the majority of Islamic activists work to help the society. The ranks of Islamic fundamentalists provide much-needed service to the poor, although at the extreme end there are groups such as al-Qaeda. Although this type of governing is growing, Fukuyama believes that "either they will become democracies with a Muslim society such as Turkey, or they will simply disintegrate". (p142) Francis Fukuyama's theory of the end of the history can be used by the United States to make the world a better place for humans and their rights. While the intention of whipping out other forms of government sounds ideal, no one knows what kind of new problems this will lead to. The end of history, as we know it, will come about in the future, but the events that happen will live on forever, for better or worse. ...read more.

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