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Revision notes . Napoleon - Reasons for Second Coalition

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Reasons for Second Coalition - Austria * First Coalition o One of the many reasons as to why Austria was part of the Second coalition was because of the fact that they were part of the first coalition. o The war of the first coalition started in the year 1793 and ended on 1797. In October 1797 the Treaty of Campo Formio was signed between France and Austria. o This treaty resulted in France taking control of numerous Austrian territories. ...read more.


* Sister of Hapsburg Emperor Leopold II * Aunt of Francis II * Austrians still wanted revenge against the revolutionaries. * Stop the spread of the French Revolutionary Ideas o After the War of the First Coalition, France had the ability to expand its borders into many of the other European Countries. It was against any monarchy governing a country, and therefore began to introduce its own revolutionary ideas on other countries. ...read more.


The French wanted the Rhine region for a long time, and have been trying to gain control of this land. o Austrians as well wanted this land, and wanted to keep it away from the French. The control of the Rhine gave the occupier many advantages. It would allow France to defend itself much easier. Control of the Rhine would mean an easier way of transporting military personnel from northern to southern Europe. o The Austrians did not want the French to get this land, and therefore joined the second coalition. Control of this for Austria would mean easier access to France. ...read more.

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