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"Rugged Individual"and"Community Builder"

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"Rugged Individual" and "Community Builder The development of the American character developed over a long time. Since the ancient time, Native American lived in North America; later, the British colonized America. This colonial period played an important part of the development of the American character, creating the two halves-"rugged individual" and "community builder." John Smith led Jamestown to establish the "rugged individual", which believes the special strength of individual; the New England's Massachusetts Colony leaders William Bradford and John Winthrop helped to create the "community builder", which inspires Americans to share wealth and values in order to survive and thrive. The Jamestown settlement was colonized by English colonists. John Smith rose to leadership position in Jamestown when the colonists needed. An experienced soldier and sailor, he possessed courage, ambition and confidence. In New England's Massachusetts, William Bradford and John Winthrop led the colony to prosper. William Bradford helped to write the Mayflower Compact, a social contract on which the first American settlement based. Since then, the colonists combined together in a "civil body politic" to frame just and equal laws for the general good of the colony. ...read more.


The settlers lived near swamps and pools of standing water where disease-carrying mosquitoes bred. Therefore several epidemic diseases trenched on the colonies for a time. The near failure of Jamestown also resulted from the unrealistic expectations of the early settlers. They just expected to find gold and get rich quickly. They didn't used to do hard work or even daily tasks necessary for their survival. As a result, many of these settlers died within a short time. The Plymouth Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony both neared to the sea, the early settlers "Puritans" came there hoping to get freedom of worship as they wanted. In Plymouth Plantation, the Pilgrims combined themselves together. Furthermore, they worked hard for the colony following the Protestant Work Ethic, a view of life that promotes hard work and self-discipline as a means to material prosperity. The Pilgrims faced a lot of challenges in the beginning; however, they harvested plenty of corn in 1621. Puritans in Massachusetts Bay Colony didn't believe in religious tolerance, they not only tried to transform the landscape, but also wanted Native Americans to adopt Puritan religious beliefs. ...read more.


Be that as it may, they do not exist incompatibly. On the contrary, they built up the American character and bring out the best in each other. The first two colonies created these two halves of American character. "Rugged individual" emphasizes the ability of oneself; "community builder" accentuates the unity of the whole society. Both are important to the development of America. They lead to subsequent historical events. In the American Revolutionary War, Americans wanted equality and independence, "the Declaration of Independence" describes human's natural rights, everyone has their individual strength to work for the whole country, this is the character of "rugged individual". The governments supervise the whole society, so that people act under the command of the leadership, this is the character of "community builder." These two characters led to the success of American Revolutionary War. The two characters also influence Americans nowadays. In modern society, we not only need the distinctive individuals to create various thought and inventions, but also need the consistent community to congregate the strength of everyone. In all, both the "rugged individual" and the "community builder" contribute to the character of American, they play important parts in American history and still resonate in American life today. ...read more.

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