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Susan B. Anthony's contributions

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Susan B. Anthony and the effect of her contributions to American History Plan of Investigation What was Susan B. Anthony's role in American history and how did her contributions impact America? This investigation assesses Susan B. Anthony's position during the reform era of women's rights and the abolishment of slavery in America during the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. The investigation will examine her contributions and accomplishments and the effect they had on America before and after her death. Two sources evaluated in the investigation will be, Susan B. Anthony: a Biography of a Singular Feminist and Susan B. Anthony: and Justice for All for their origins, purpose, values and limitations. A. Summary of Evidence Argument 1: Susan B. Anthony's efforts regarding her strict beliefs regarding women's rights to vote led to the formation of the Nineteenth Amendment (Susan B. Anthony Amendment). * Anthony's father had a strong sense of equal rights for women and equal justice. He believed in giving equal education to all his children.1 * Anthony began campaigning for women's rights in 1853.2 This had an effect in 1860, when the New York State Married Women's Property Bill was passed.3 * During a speech made by Anthony, she stated, "Woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself."4 * During 1868, they began publishing their newspaper The Revolution in Rochester which focused on gaining equal rights for both ...read more.


Source 2: Susan B. Anthony: And Justice for All The second source is a secondary source written by Jeanne Gehret and was published on April, 1996. This book was also based on the accomplishments of Susan B. Anthony and how they had an effect on America. Also, this book mainly focused on Anthony's efforts on abolishing slavery. The main purpose of this book was to portray Susan B. Anthony's accomplishments to abolish slavery and how this later led to the elimination of slavery. The book's value is that it gives a concise understanding of how Susan B. Anthony and her supporters worked to abolish slavery. Also, there were many primary sources, such as pictures and documents that Anthony possessed, and this gave a better understanding of her efforts. The limitation of this source was that it was biased against the Southern side of America, thus didn't give a chance to look at her efforts from the Southern point of view. D. Analysis Argument 1: Susan B. Anthony's strict beliefs in women's rights developed as a child due to her surroundings. Her childhood was significant to her future since she developed her strong sense of equal rights early on, and this was later proved in her efforts regarding equal justice. As a result of Anthony's significant childhood, she developed strong beliefs regarding women's rights to vote for public issues. ...read more.


Anthony's support in women's organizations showed women to be independent and work for themselves, instead on depending on men for their needs. Despite the amount of time spent by Anthony in her writings and speeches, there were no laws that were passed which gave women equal rights as men. This forced Anthony and her supporters to work harder. Anthony, along with Elizabeth Stanton published their newspaper, "The Revolution in Rochester" which addressed issues about women's rights and freedom. Anthony's newspaper received degrading views from the male gender of the public; however Anthony and her supporters continued their fight to achieve their cause. Anthony's efforts to gain equal rights for women resulted in the passing of the New York State Married Women's Property Bill in 1860. The bill allowed married women to own property and have custody over their child. The passing of this bill showed many of Anthony's non supporters that her efforts were proving to be useful. Part E: Conclusion: Susan B. Anthony proved to be an important figure in American history. Anthony's ongoing efforts to eliminate discrimination and to create equality led to the present day America. Without Anthony's strict beliefs to abolish slavery, women would not have had the chance to take an active role in public decisions. Her efforts have been a result of her childhood which led to her stern beliefs and actions. Today, Anthony is honored as a woman who helped reform the American nation, which is now admired for its economy and politics. ...read more.

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