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The American Revolution

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Monica Li Period 6 Essay 3 The American Revolution played an important part in American history. New ideas about equality and Enlightenment ideas regarding self-government motivated Americans to get rid of the control by Great Britain, seeking their independence and human rights. The factors which encourage Americans to gain their independence from Great Britain have many aspects. Psychologically, the Enlightenment, a cultural and thought movement took place in Europe in a very large scale in 18th century, overthrow the domination of feudality and establish their own "Republic of Reason". The Enlightenment inspired Americans to hanker for democracy and human rights; it prepared the psychological precursor for the American Revolution. ...read more.


The British and their American colonists waged the French and Indian War against the French and their Indian allies for control of eastern North America. This nine-year conflict ended in a victory of Britain. Despite the victory, the War seriously strained relations between the British and the American colonists. British thought colonists did not provide enough support for the long and costly war that Britain fought to "protect" them. American colonists felt a loss of respect for British military power, and they doubted British respect them and share same values. Americans began to demand to be led by colonial officers. Thus, the French and Indian War weakened the colonists' loyalty to Britain; the colonists began to rethink their relationship with Britain. ...read more.


The American Revolution both solves problems and creates them. On the one hand, the American Revolution overthrow the British colonial rule, the United States won independence. It surprised the world that such a small amount of people would revolt against the grandest army in the world and spread the idea of liberty, both at home and abroad. It promoted many other countries to seek democracy and freedom, such as India, German, and Norway. On the other hand, the American Revolution left a large amount of debts for the new country, and many people died during the War. That made the Americans' lives even harder than before the War. The American Revolution solves some problems as well as creates some new problems; it is a landmark of American history. ...read more.

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