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The Great Depression in the USA.

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´╗┐The Great Depression in US The Great Depression was the longest and the worst economic collapse in the USA and the rest of the world too.Americans mostly were not aware of the problem in their economy , they were actually very optimistic and had thoughts that America is passing through a 'big boom' ?period of prosperity .Even some experts were spreading wrong thoughts :'There may be a recession in stock prices ,but not anything in the nature of cash' said one of the leading US economists ;Irving Fisher just a couple days more than month before 29th of October ; 1929-the day when Wall Street stock market crushed . The begining of the Great Depression was triggered .The fact of America not being prepared for the collapse that happened made it more difficult to face and struggle all the consequences and finally deal with them in an efficient way . These consequences were huge and all spheres of life in the USA were affected by them .Economy was directly stroked and affected ; there were rapid declines in the productions and sale of goods , banks and other businesses had to close . That pulled other problems ;such as sudden rise in unemployment . People were losing their jobs , their homes also and they had to face with extremly difficult living conditions . All this led to changes in government . Great Depression had huge impacts on ewconomy , social life and politics in the USA . ...read more.


President Hoovers policy failed and after that people lost their faith in him and his administration . Due to this , it was not a huge surprise when Franklin D. Roosevelt beat him easily in the presidential elections , 1932 . Roosevelt was a man which America needed that time : full of new ideas , dynamic with confident new campaign . He seemed to be the best solution for the problems America encountered ; promising a ?new deal? for American people . "Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is, fear itself ? needless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."- said Roosevelt on his inauguration speech . He understood what the nation needed ?an immediate recovery from the collapse and reform to stop future crisis . It became his main goal .He had courage to make drastic changes and measures . is methods were completely different from those which had Republicans , he was ready to pull America out of the Great Depression , even if it means that he has to spend all government money . He also introduced series of measures which helped America a lot to overcome the Great Depression called ?New Deal? . New Deal consisted of different kinds of acts and relieves that helped American industry , agriculture , improved social security and also working conditions . New Deal was also one huge step for the whole American nation in her way of recovery from the crisis caused by the Great Depression . ...read more.


The prosperity was based mostly on an unequal profit share . The workers wage was still low , they did not have enough money to sustain the huge prosperity occurred . Obviously , it was only matter of time when everything will collapse . President Hoover?s government was not in ability to find the proper way to deal efficiently with all the consequences and after making radical decisions people lost their faith in government . As a logical consequence of the situation democrat Roosevelt became new president in 1933. ?New Deal? , series of measures was introduced by him .I was done in the order to save the country and to prevent future crisis. The fact is that ?New Deal? solved a lot of problems during the crisis to American nation , some historians argue that this deal brought brought real prosperity to American nation . Impact of the crisis on the social life of American nation was huge . Their life transformed from the American dream to a night mare . People lost their jobs , homes and pride . Women or children in a lot of cases were those who were feeding the whole family after men lost jobs . More self-confidence was given to them this way. Blacks were affected even more because of the rational discrimination . ??New Deal ?? changed everything . It prohibited discrimination of black population and better time came . On the paper they were equal and it made them supporters of Roosevelt?s Democratic Party . So , Great depression was a hard period for the US in all spheres of life . ...read more.

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