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To what extent did the actions and policies of Louis XVI cause the outbreak, and affect the course of the French revolution until 1793?

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To what extent did the actions and policies of Louis XVI cause the outbreak, and effect the course of the French revolution until 1793? In the year 1789, the situation in France was dire. The economy crisis, created by the king's decision to aid the Americans in their war of independence had lead to extremely high bread prices and unreasonable taxes for the third estate, which revealed the great inequality of the estates. Furthermore, the failure of reforms, ideas of enlightenment and the influence of the American war of independence had sparked ideas of change in the minds of the people. In order to solve the problems in France, Louis XVI summoned the States-General, but his stubborn decision to keep the ancient rule of voting by estates angered the third-estate, resulting in the defiance of the king and the third-estate renaming themselves to the National assembly. ...read more.


After the death of his grandfather, Louis XVI became a king at the mere age of 20 and was clearly too young. He inherited the throne of a despot without having a personality of one, thus he was easily influenced and didn't have the willingness to completely imply his policies to better the lives of his people. This did not fare well with the peasantry, as they saw that Louis XVI was unfit to be king. After the circumstances went from bad to worse, the king summoned the States-general to better the situation in France. But unfortunately the king's stubborn decision to keep the ancient rule of voting by estates, and the unequal treatment of the members in the third-estate had enraged them, leading to the renaming of the third-estate to the National assembly. ...read more.


If the king would have positively reacted to the creation of the National assembly and it's goals, then the revolution might have had ended then and there, without so many casualties. Another action of the king that devastated the people was the king's flight to Varennes. For the people, it seemed that their king is abandoning them, seeking help from another county. By betraying his people's trust, Louis XVI lost a lot of supporters and what personal regard the people still had for him. Even though Louis XVI had good intentions for his people and wanted to better their situation by summoning the States-general to find the solution to their problems, his stubbornness and lack of willingness to imply the financial reforms proposed by Turgot and Necker let down both himself and the people of France. Both his actions and policies failed to satisfy the needs and wishes of the citizens. ...read more.

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