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Unemployment Essay

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Unemployment Essay The recession is affecting everyone in Canada, from unemployment to the increasing number of homeless people. I believe that unemployment is a serious issue in Canada because the rate of unemployment has gone increasingly high since the recession. I will respond to this issue by providing more programs and financial help to people without jobs. The executive branch of government will help achieve these programs by passing on ideas for helping the unemployed to the legislative branch which will then either accept or reject the ideas. The judicial branch is separated from the other two branches and it will make sure the ideas respect the rights of Canadians. The recession has caused serious job losses all over Canada. ...read more.


Many come out of university and cannot support themselves so they have to move back in with their families. During the past summer, students trying to find summer jobs were not successful and those that did, worked less average hours than previous years, which equals to less money being made. The federal government is helping by providing additional funding to create summer job opportunities for students to work in non-profit, public or private sectors. This program is called "Canada Summer Jobs". Ministers of Cabinet, who are part of the executive branch of government, are behind this program, such as the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development. Unemployment is a major source of poverty in Canada. This is mainly caused by the short duration of unemployment benefits. ...read more.


Now people are saying that if you haven't saved enough money for your retirement, then it will be "Freedom 75" instead of "Freedom 55". Some people might have used up their savings for retirement, so they would have to work longer to pay off mortgages or debts. The older you get, the less chances that you will be hired since the unemployment rate is still very high. The government helps by setting up investment accounts called RRSP which stands for Registered Retirement Savings Plan. The RRSP can reduce the amount of income tax that a person pays, which is controlled by the legislative branch of government. Canada's labour market typically takes a long time to recover from recessions. However Canada is improving from recession because unemployment has dropped 0.3%, lowering the rate down to 8.4%. Although there are signs that Canada is slowly recovering, recession and unemployment are still important issues to the government today. ...read more.

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