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Was it inevitable that the USA and the USSR would rise to the status of superpowers (world leaders)?

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Was it inevitable that the USA and the USSR would rise to the status of superpowers (world leaders)? A superpower is a very powerful and influential nation with a strong base politically, economically and socially. Historian June Dreger agrees a superpower must be able to project its power globally. It was inevitable that the USA and the USSR would rise to the status of superpowers to a large extent and to a very small extent it was also not inevitable that they would emerge as world leaders. To a small extent it can be said that emergence of the USA and the USSR was never inevitable. After Black Thursday on October 24 1929 a depression hit the USA and every other industrial country. ...read more.


Russia was a backward country industrially, agriculturally and socially. It was never inevitable that the USSR would surpass the economic growth of the British and other European powerhouses. The USA and the USSR achieved superpower status socially since they were both influential in terms of culture. The USSR wielded influence by supporting communism and left-wing dictatorships. It also had its own policies on freedom of speech and other guaranteed rights for citizens which were suppressed. The US on the other hand wielded influence by supporting democracies and right-wing policies. The US had a lot of influence in terms of music, art and fashion with the establishment of the Hollywood entertainment industry as well freedom of speech and other guaranteed rights for citizens. ...read more.


The development of Henry Ford's "Model-T" motor car ion 1925 was a huge benefit to the economy. During the 1930's when the Great Depression had hit the economy of the USSR was the only one to prosper. Stalin's 5 year plans had industrialized the USSR and had made her a major industrial power. Historian R.N. Rundle agrees that internally, Stalin strengthened the Soviet Union by his 5 year plans and the achievement was remarkable. Both countries fulfilled the criteria of a world leader in all aspects of society and both countries were very influential. They were both dominant forces which would ultimately lead to the start of the Cold War in 1945. Although to a very small extent it was not inevitable that they would emerge as superpowers to a much larger extent i was inevitable that the USA and the USSR would emerge as superpowers because of their social, political and economic bases. ...read more.

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