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Why did the Axis powers lose World War Two Essay Plan

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Why did the Axis powers lose World War Two Paragraph: Failure of Italy * Italy was the weakest part of the Axis powers, Germany were constantly bailing Italy eg. Greece, Crete so strained German resources even further * Italy failed in Greece (1940-41), Germany bailed them out which cost them and stretched their forces further * North Africa Campaign (1940-1943) Italy's Fort Capuzzo in Libya which was occupied by British forces and Italy couldn't push the British out , so Germany had to intervene , which stretched them further * 1943- invasion of Sicily, Italy eventually fell to the Allies and declared war on Germany * Without Italy, Germany wouldn't of been stretched further, as wouldn't of had to bail Italy out again * By Germany bailing Italy out in Greece it delayed their invasion of the USSR, therefore had to deal with the Russian winter, which is a key reason why they didn't win and Russia drove German forces back to Berlin * Without ...read more.


wrong * Also is Japan hadn't attacked the US they wouldn't pf entered the war, as they didn't want to get involved in European Affairs despite President Regan wanting to get involved * Also if Japanese hadn't been aggressive, towards the US they wouldn't of have the opportunity to drop the atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima * Although some historians regard the dropping of the USA atomic bombs was a test to see the damage they would cause * On the other hand if Japan hadn't been aggressive what is to say that the USA would of dropped the atomic bombs on the Axis powers instead * Also if Germany hadn't declared war on the USA, the war could of potentially been local between only Japan and the US Paragraph: D-Day * 6th June 1944- entry to France * If Germany had correctly predicted where that the Allies would enter France (Calais) ...read more.


to these harsh conditions that the Russian winter presented * As winter was approaching Stalin told Russians to take any food, water, clothes etc. with them and burn what they couldn't take to German soldiers couldn't use them * Also most Russian industry was moved away from the German attack * Up until the winter the all German offensives had been successful * During the winter the Russians recovered, as were use to cold winters, and they army re-mobilised quickly * Also as Russia had a big population it could replenish the soldiers they lost more quickly than the Germans * If Germany had had more time to prepared not had not been in Greece they Germans might have been more successful and less stretched Paragraph: Adaptability * Allies used blitzkrieg tactics against the Axis powers * Also they built counter-technology quickly * Had technology to read Axis communications * Without this they would have been hugely disadvantaged and wouldn't of had an audacity to win ...read more.

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