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Why was Stalin successful in becoming the next leader of the USSR?

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Why was Stalin successful in becoming the next leader of the USSR? Stalin was successful in becoming the new leader of the USSR for many complex reasons. Firstly, the divisions within the party, made his task of eliminating people less complicated, he only had individuals, not groups of people against him. Moreover he knew perfectly how to manipulate people on his behalf and also how to gain supporters and how to get out of the way his opponents. But one of the main factors for his success was that members of the party did not realize that Stalin was to be more than the General Secretariat they saw him as a treat when it was too late. The personality of Stalin was quite important for his emerging as a leader of the Soviet Union. His understanding of Marxism was not excellent; however he had other qualities that helped him through his rise to power. Stalin was very determinate, he knew what he wanted and also he could visualize how to achieve it. Also he was able to use the structure of the party for his success because he knew how everything worked since he had much experience in many roles. ...read more.


Stalin knew this and so he knew that the more he talked about following Lenin's ideas, the more the people would like him, the more popular he was going to be and therefore the smoother his rising was going to be. The testament of Lenin was hidden. The desire of power of Stalin, made him to hide the existence of a document redacted by Lenin himself in which he attacks Stalin saying that he was ruthless and too ambitious so that he must had been away from power and consequently he could not be the new leader. If this had not happen, Stalin would have had much more trouble for getting to the power since Lenin criticized him very much. However criticism was not only for him. In general Lenin was criticising all important members of the party, which makes us think that it was not only that Lenin did not want Stalin to become the leader of the part but that he did not want any of them to do it. Instead, probably he wanted them all working as a team together and the criticism was made to show that none of them was good enough for taking all the responsibility and also because he was particularly afraid of Stalin becoming the leadership in the party. ...read more.


was where he thought it was more convenient to be, but which also shown his lack of devotion to the ideas of the party. Even though, many Bolsheviks saw him as the most likely candidate for the leader's role. Whereas the idea of Stalin being leader was not in their minds until they could not do anything. Stalin was sub estimated for many members of the Bolshevik party. He was seen as a simple administrator and his personality was not very impressive. However he knew how to make the most of the opportunities he had to make himself more popular and also to be really into the party so that he could aspire to the leadership of the party. Though General Secretariat was a very important position within the party, he wanted more and it was his desire of power and his skills as well as his cunning that made him to take an advantage of all changes in the party; moreover he removed people who he considered a threat out of his way. Thus, Stalin thinks carefully how to make to become the next leader of the Communist party as well as the new leader of the USSR by using his experience as well as unique opportunities until he finally achieves it. Alejandra Cossio Martinez ...read more.

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