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WW2 -causes

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* CAUSES OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR Why did peace collapse in Europe in 1939? * Hitler's plans : - abolish treaty of Versailles - expand German territory - defeat communism * Hitler's actions * Hitler was seen as a gambler rather than a planner (each time took another logical step to get what he wanted) and it was also allies mistake that they didn't stop him -> he became more self confident Rearmament * 1933 - Hitler came to power -> aim: increase army forces -> thousands of workers draft to the army -> less unemployment -> fulfilled promises * He rearmed first secretly saying that other countries also refused to disarm * 1935 - openly staged a massive military rally * 1936 - reintroduce conscription * Rearmament was popular to people + Britain who sympathized with Germany because they saw them as possible buffer against communism * Britain + Germany - agreement - Germany can have army until it is 35% under B. army The Saar plebiscite * Saar had been ruled by League since 1919 (part of Germany) -> In 1935 plebiscites for people whenever they want be part of Germany or not -> Hitler won Remilitarization of the Rhineland * In March 1936 Hitler moved his troops into Rhineland (even he agreed not to do this in Locarno treaty and Treaty of Versailles) ...read more.


* Agreement with Hitler to give him what he wants (for 3 years) What was wrong about Appeasement? The Sudetenland 1938 * Edward Benes was afraid of Hitler because he thought Czechoslovakia is next on Hitler's list and it seemed that Britain and France wouldn't stop him (even thought they both said they would protect him) * In Sudetenland (part of Czechoslovakia) lived great number of Germans and Nazi party wanted Sudetenland to become part of Germany, Hitler said he would even attack Czechoslovakia -> Benes was prepared to fight for Sudetenland because of its forts, railways, industries which made Czechoslovakia powerful (they had powerful army) * People were worried because the tension rose up -> war would mean heavy bombing etc... * Chamberlain talked to Hitler who said he is interested only for some parts of Sudetenland and only if the plebiscites would be on his side -> Chamberlain saw this step as reasonable * France and Britain offered this plan to Czechoslovakia but 3 days later Hitler wanted more - whole Sudetenland * Hitler claimed that Czech govt. was mistreating Germans in Sudetenland and wanted to rescue them -> Chamberlain saw this as unreasonable and British navy was mobilized * France, Britain, Italy and Germany decided to give Sudetenland to Germany (known as Munich agreement) ...read more.


-> in 1941 invaded USSR * Pearl Harbor - Japanese fighters dropped their bombs and torpedoes on Pearl harbor -> lain in ruins - Reason : Japan was pressured by USA into treaties which limited their influence over China and reduces their navy and placed tariffs on Japanese goods (to stop them being powerful) - Because of depression in 1930 Japan invaded Manchuria and in 1937 launched a full scale war on China The USA's concern grows * Roosevelt did not want the war but started to prepare public for this possibility * He was worried about Anti-Cominfrom Pact * In 1940 when France was effectively invaded Roosevelt interest about Europe rose * USA supported Britain with its own supplies * US warships harassed German submarines in order to help Britain Japan's Dilemma * Japans invasion of China was success and France, Britain and Netherlands had large territories in Far East which they couldn't protect because of the war with Germany -> USA knew this so restricted some supplies to Japan * Japan attacked Indo china -> Roosevelt cut supplies of iron -> Japan needed Asian territory * They wanted to attack Pearl Harbor to get time to invade some Asian territory * USA declared war on Japan and Germany declared war on USA ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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