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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. Spanish IA. Lo sciento yo estaba muy occupada.. durante el verano, yo fui en Tanzania, y en Canada. Las dos Haban frio. En Tanzania, nos fuimos "World Challenge".

    durante el verano, yo fui en Tanzania, y en Canada. Las dos Hab�an frio. En Tanzania, nos fuimos � "World Challenge". Nos el fuimos de excursi�n, y cocinabamos todos comidas. Estaba muy divertido! Yo fui alrededor de Canada estabo por mi mismo.

    • Word count: 129
  2. El articulo de un relato sobre la presidencia del presidente mexicana Felipe Caldern. EL habla un poco sobre lo que el pas hoy en da esta enfrentado.

    EL habla un poco sobre lo que el pa�s hoy en d�a esta enfrentado. Habla que hoy M�xico ha llegado aun punto de violencia que no se ha visto en mucho tiempo; el tambi�n habla sobre que esto era lo que se especulaba que iba a pasar ya que su partido jam�s se iba a someter al negocio con el crimen organizado. El habla sobre un punto muy importante. El conversa que el admite que en una manera el gobierno Mexicano ( incluyendo el gobierno nacional)

    • Word count: 477
  3. Le fabuleux destin d'Amlie Poulain: Critique

    Une serveuse aux Deux Moulins, Am�lie d�cide un jour de consacrer sa vie � aider les autres personnes. Comme elle aide les gens diff�rents, de son p�re peu sociable � un homme avec les os aussi fragiles que le verre, elle se rend compte qu'elle a �t� trop occup�e � vivre pour les autres et non pour elle-m�me.

    • Word count: 334
  4. Le fabuleux destin d'Amlie Poulain:Un rsum de lintrigue, la description dAmlie, et son langage us

    Le film se passe en montrant ses interactions diverses et uniques avec les autres personnes, comme elle s'efforce de les rendre heureux. En fin de compte, Am�lie trouve le grand amour pour elle-m�me, et apprend � affronter sa r�alit� v�ritable. Am�lie est une belle fille � la peau claire avec les cheveux courts et bistre. Sa hauteur est "moyenne", et elle a de grands yeux noirs. � cause de son enfance isol�e, le caract�re d'Am�lie est diff�rent de celui d'une personne tr�s sociable.

    • Word count: 555
  5. Men of culture are the true apostles of equality. Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) acknowledges that the understanding of culture fosters harmony among people, enabling them appreciate but not criticize. However, this cultivation of harmoniess actually re

    If we stretch out to recognize respective characteristics of each culture, the connections among unique individuals can be established. Failing to do so will result in cultural bias, in which people tend to limit their interactions within own culture and categorize others' using their yardsticks, which brings hostility. By definition in culture sense, labeling refers to some sort of opinions are made towards a person, and it appears to be judgmental in most cases since they are wrongly placed on individuals without understanding and accepting them. Actually, it has been an unconscious act among us to label others because it requires much less effort to assume something is true based on our previous experiences than to look up the facts.

    • Word count: 751
  6. In dem Text Berlin, Gormannstr. von Kurt Bartsch, geschrieben im Jahre 1979, geht es um eine Mutter mit einem Kind, die die Juedin, namens Lucie Mannheimer

    oder detailierten Angaben ueber zum Beispiel Juden aufzuzeigen. Das erste aufaellige Mittel, das benuetzt wird ist der Titel: "Berlin, Gormannstr.". Der Titel erscheint durch die Nennung des Strassennames persoenlicher, was den Leser naeher zum Geschehnis heranbringt und ihn damit mitfuehlen laesst. Auserdem wird durch die genauere Angabe der Adresse die Erzaehlung glaubwuerdiger. Durch die Nennung von Berlin kann der Leser sofort erkennen, dass sich das Geschehen in dem Mittelpunkt der Naziregierung abspielt, was das Ganze noch intensiver erscheinen laesst. Dadurch das Berlin der Mittelpunkt der Naziregierung ist und eine Strasse erwaehnt wird kann man bereits auf eine dargestellte Beziehung zwischen Nazis und Juden schliessen.

    • Word count: 871
  7. French letter writing task. Avec un groupe des lves vous voulez raliser un projet collectif de peinture sur un mur de votre cole.

    Le groupe d'IB est tr�s remercie au Newton College pour nous donner l'opportunit� d'�tre les �tres humains de aujourd'hui et de toujours croire � nous.

    • Word count: 349
  8. Many people will often describe education as the ultimate key to success. But what does success entail? Success can come from various things: jobs, relationships, education, family, and other things that when combined creates a well-rounded individual.

    Coplin's idea stated that students are often mislead to believe that by paying for higher education would result in higher pay. His anger is reasonable, considering that some students with Ph.D. are now flipping burgers and paying off their incomprehensible student loan debts for the next forty years. "According to employers, college students are not prepared for the work force because they lack the skills and character needed to succeed," Coplin said. He gave another example of how a mathematical wiz who scored A's on exams was unable to put together a bar graph to reflect real-world information.

    • Word count: 867
  9. Students of Liberal Arts and Students of Science? Chinese senior middle school students must opt for either liberal arts or science for their future development before they sit for the National College Entrance Examination. Recently, some deputies of the

    Their proposal aroused people's great interest and also sparked a heated debate among the general public. Naturally, opinions are divided. Some people who are against this practice think that young students choosing a course for their future development before their mind reachs maturity is surely not favorable to their intellectual growth, and may impair their creativity in their future work. Also, how could they know which suits them better at so young an age? Some people even think that we should hold this practice accountable for the fact that the PRC has not been able to produce a Nobel Prize laureate for so many years.

    • Word count: 433
  10. The OSSLT is based on the reading and writing skills in all subject areas up to the end of grade 9, but is the Grade 10 test of reading and writing skills a good idea? Some people prefer the idea, whereas others hate it. In my opinion, I believe that the

    Firstly, this is a test that helps students to have a general idea of how well is their literacy skills. It is well known that the test is divided into reading section and writing section, which means the students could figure out which part of the literacy skills is the weakness for them base on their results of each section. However, the real purpose of study to the students is to get an understanding of where the vulnerabilities are.

    • Word count: 574
  11. English book reports - Book title: Tuesdays with Morrie Author: Mitch Albom and Book title: The Conquest of Happiness Author: Bertrand Russell

    He spent almost all of his time working as a professional sports journalist in order to earn more income. He was so torn by depression and disappointment that he was nearly lost in his life. Coincidentally, he watched a TV programme called Nightline directed by Ted Koppel. In the show, his professor in the university, Morrie Schwartz, was being interviewed. Mitch discovered that Morrie was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), a terminal and debilitating disease. Under such circumstances, the lesson began. Again, Mitch kept in contact with Morrie every Tuesday, chatting about life and death. I was deeply moved by their rekindled relationship, which was an exquisite merger between a teacher and a student.

    • Word count: 947
  12. Statement of purpose. was once a very lazy and a person who makes a lot of mistake, therefore, I failed in my IGCSE examination. My father told me a very important fact. A person who fails, he needs to get back up.

    I am gladly and greatly to request to be a student in HKBU. To reveal myself, I realize time is important but will and faith are more important. Will and Faith, these two words were once my favorite words. Without them, I wasn't here today. I was once a very lazy and a person who makes a lot of mistake, therefore, I failed in my IGCSE examination. My father told me a very important fact. A person who fails, he needs to get back up. This is the true meaning of the word 'fail'. Everyone has to pass the turning point, nobody wins forever.

    • Word count: 567
  13. My experiences and Socrate's allegory of the cave.

    a newly found form of determination, or goodness, to want to be better than just my little pond of competition, and to attempt to guide others in the same direction. Two years ago, the regional Grand Prix competition was held in Huntington Beach. In previous years, I had done exceptional, but this year I placed in the top three and was able to continue to nationals to compete against the best dancers in the United States, as well as other selected countries around the world.

    • Word count: 674
  14. Problems facing the Olympic Games in Beijing.

    First of all, one should say "congratulations" to Beijing as host of the Olympic Summer Games next year. This is a fantastic event and almost the whole globe will through a glance at China. Development and preparation of the venues are expected to be without any delay. Despite enormous costs, the construction and architecture of the Beijing National Stadium is a remarkable venture. Also public transport, e.g. the subway system and the international airport, is undergoing vast expansion. Regarding the above mentioned efforts one should really be looking forward to Beijing 2008.

    • Word count: 480
  15. Free essay

    Islam and the Western Culture Two colliding counterparts

    In my opinion, the US had to find a scapegoat who was liable for the attacks on September 11th. Therefore, Osama Bin Laden was charged as a major leader and since then, countries like Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Iran have been considered as sponsors of terrorism. All of these countries have an Islamic background and minor Islamic fundamentalist groupings. Furthermore, a whole region has become a counterpart of the western culture. Secondly, one can say that most of the people in western countries do not have sound knowledge about the Islamic religion and culture.

    • Word count: 511
  16. Diffusion of Innovations Theory We live in a society where we feel the need to outdo one another the need to be the first to develop something new because of our competitive nature. In this day and time it is easy to forget the early innovato

    Years later it was discovered that the microwave could actually cook food. The microwave will be around for a long time, it will continually be a product that is upgraded. The microwave is a necessity in my household, I work 10-12 hours a day and my children are able to pop in a quick meal when I am not around and to be honest when I am at home and able to prepare meals I use the microwave. I just purchased my mom her first microwave last year she refused to by one, she is a serious laggar, and the

    • Word count: 742
  17. Yo Necesito mi Perro Volver rase una vez, haba un nio llamado Maxwell. Maxwell tena un perro, se llamaba Gato Estebanes.

    Max renuncia porque el hab�a buscado en todas partes. Max estaba triste y no fue a la escuela. Se perdi� Gato Estebanes y quer�a encontrar a su perro. Diez d�as despu�s, Max vio a Juan y le pregunt� si hab�a visto Gato Estebanes. John dijo que estar�a en la playa porque vio un perro caminando. Max habr�a buscado pero se olvid�. Max estaba tan emocionado, corri� a la playa. Max estaba en la playa en busca de su perro, mientras sus amigos estaban buscando en el parque para perros.

    • Word count: 454
  18. Wrden sie die Zukunft ihrer Generation eher trostlos oder vielversprechend und rosig sehen?

    Es wird schwer werden, jedoch kann man schon damit anfangen, wenn man �fter mal zum einkaufen l�uft oder mit dem Rad f�hrt, anstatt mit dem Auto zu fahren. Ein anderes Thema das oft in den Medien zu sehen ist, sind elektronische B�cher. Sie sind praktisch und �berall zu haben. Die sogenannten E-Books liegen laut Branchenverband zwar noch unterhalb von einem Prozent Marktanteil, doch werde bereits ein Drittel aller Neuerscheinungen auch elektronisch angeboten. Der Spiegel online schreibt sagte Cornelia Funke, Autorin von Tintenherz zu diesem Thema: "Einerseits wolle sie gern weiterhin ihre Fingerabdr�cke und Notizen auf dem Papier sehen, andererseits plane sie, k�nftig mithilfe von E-Books zu recherchieren.

    • Word count: 965
  19. Metamorfosis. Analisis Psicologico del padre de Gregorio. El padre de Gregorio es un personaje de la novela La Metamorfosis escrita por Frank Kafka. Este personaje nunca es nombra en la obra por su nombre

    En estas tres oraciones se ve como el narrador llama a los padres de Gregorio "madre" y "padre" en vez de usar sus nombres, nunca mencionados en la novela. Con esto el narrador transmite al lector un caracter mas distantes por parte de los padres a Gregorio. El padre es mostrado como un hombre cruel, agresivo, distante a su hijo y al llamarlo padre suena mas lejano a Gregorio, este es el porque de que el autor use esta manera de nombrarlo.

    • Word count: 538
  20. Mester de Clerecia & Juglaria

    Muchas veces los juglares usaban epitetos epicos para situarse en la historia, como por ejemplo en la epopeya El Mio Cid en la que se nombra al heroe por epitetos epicos ( El que en buena hora nacio, Mio Cid el Campeador...

    • Word count: 353
  21. It was just an imagination

    The orange's colour of the Nemo fish suddenly fades and become black in colour. It opens its mouth, showing its shining sharp canine teeth. The fish wants to bite me, quickly I pull back my hand. I scream but no one can hear me as I am alone down here. I tried to swim away from that fish but I don't know how to swim fast. The fish look at me when I'm trying to run from it with a cynical look, as if it says, "How can you run from me, ha?!" I don't know what to do. The fish however still remain stationary at its place, just looking at me.

    • Word count: 543
  22. What is a Real Friendship

    They are those with whom we spend most of our time with. They have a great influence on our behavior and our outlook towards society and our lives. Occasionally fights do tend to occur between even close friends. There is nothing like a good, really intense fight between friends to examine the strength of their friendship. Fights are indeed the acid test as far as friendships are concerned. Those which live through them live on, closer than before, with a new found vigor. Above all, present friends are those whom we take for granted.

    • Word count: 553
  23. This story happened when I was a Grade five student. This is my first time to travel to USA by air without my parents. I was absolutely over the moon the night before I went to USA. And I got up early and checked my baggage.

    This is my first time to travel to USA by air without my parents. I was absolutely over the moon the night before I went to USA. And I got up early and checked my baggage. In the airport, my daddy helped me to check in and my mum urged me to take care of myself. After security check, It was 9.30 a.m. I waited in passenger terminal alone. No parents accompanied me and I should do everything by myself instead. I got into the plane at 10.00 a.m. Then I found my seat and the airline hostess asked me to be seated.

    • Word count: 560
  24. Commentaire sur L'Orage de Cao Yu

    Il apprend que ce dernier est un ouvrier des mines, un d�l�gu� venu pour s'entretenir avec le seigneur Zhou. Plus tard, Puyuan laissa savoir qu'il eut renvoy� Dahai et, exprimant son d�saccord, Chong dit qu'une personne ne doit pas �tre punis pour d�fendre autrui. C'est �vident qu'il n'est pas comme son p�re. Ce qu'il dit est souvent associ� � l'id�ologie socialiste. Par exemple, durant sa conversation avec Sipheng, il parle d'aider l'humanit� et qu'ils sont pareilles. Ceci d�voile sa foi dans la solidarit�, la fraternit� universelle, et l'�galit� des hommes. Similairement il lui dit qu'ensemble ils pourront travailler � cr�er un monde meilleur, ce qui t�moigne de son r�ve d'utopie.

    • Word count: 833

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