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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. Cest pourquoi, nous nous sommes intresses la reprsentation de la violence lcran et sa dnonciation aux travers de deux films : Orange mcanique de Stanley Kubrik et Bowling for Columbine de Michael Moore

    La violence peut être aussi utilisée dans le but de dominer ou de contrôler l’autre : chacun peut alors être ou devenir acteur, témoin ou victime , dans ce processus interactif. Certaines violences sont plus difficiles à déceler que d’autres, elles passent aussi bien par la langue que par les gestes ou les menaces. La violence psychologique consiste par exemple à humilier ou intimider l’autre et vise à créer un état de tension, de peur et d’insécurité chez la victime.

    • Word count: 640
  2. Resenhas Crticas. O estudo da tica parte da reflexo sobre a ao humana. Luiz Martins em seu artigo Os sete matizes da tica, defende que se a mxima bblica

    Sabendo que a realidade não é o que deveria ser. Quando divide as ciências das coisas que são (físicas, da natureza, etc) das ciências das coisas que deveriam ser (ciências sociais), o autor acredita que, em relação à sociedade e aos modelos de convivência que adotamos, muito se pode fazer a partir dos nossos constantes avanços em matéria de conduta ética. Ao contrário das ciências que são o que são, e que não se podem alterar. Ao discorrer os sete matizes da ética, a saber: Moralidade, Eticidade, Deontologia, Legalidade, Legitimidade, Altruísmo e Urgência, o artigo convida o leitor à reflexão

    • Word count: 807
  3. Soy Diego Jos Pedro Portales Palazuelos, nac en chile un 16 de junio de 1793 en el seno de una familia adinerada

    Mis abuelos paternos fueron Diego Portales Irarrazabal y Teresa Larrain y Lacaros. En el año 1808, a mis 14 años ingrese al colegio carolino durante la época de la independencia el espíritu revolucionario no inflamo mi alma a la diferencia de lo que le ocurrió al resto de mi familia.

    • Word count: 281
  4. You have been nominated by the senior students to give a talk at a parents evening about what creates a good parent-child relationship

    My talk is entitled what creates a good parent-child relationship. One can only imagine how complex of being a parent is, but maintaining a close relationship can ensure the parents always connected with their child. One attribute that the parent should have is providing individualized attention to his/her child. Children who receive individualized attention from their parents have a sense of contentment because they feel significant to their parents.

    • Word count: 529
  5. Empresa y gestin II Balance General: El balance general es el estado financiero de una empresa en un momento determinado

    Bancos Es el dinero que se tiene en la cuenta corriente del banco. 1. Cuentas por Cobrar Es el saldo de recaudar de las ventas a crédito y que todavía deben los clientes, letras de cambio los préstamos a los operarios y amigos. También se incluyen los cheques o letras de cambio por cobrar ya sea porque no ha llegado la fecha de su vencimiento o porque las personas que le deben a usted no han cumplido con los plazos acordados.

    • Word count: 578
  6. The extract from Kate Grenvilles The Idea of Perfection is one that focuses on a particular bridge, located over Cascade Rivulet

    A picture of the bridge on the local newspaper probably perked up the main character?s interest of the bridge, as she ?recognised it straight away from its picture in the paper?. The passage is structured in short paragraphs, typically like that of a novel or extended text. Almost every sentence contains some sort of descriptive language such as adjectives or adverbs, which highlights the writer?s attempt to insert all the details possible for this setting to paint readers the picture of perfection that she picks up from the bridge.

    • Word count: 911
  7. "La Homme Interieure" de Charles Guerin - commentary

    Dans le poème, l’auteur explique qu’il voyage de ville en ville dans la souffrance. Il est troublé n’à donc aucun repère. Il espère que le fait de fuir lui ferai oublié. Il site « j’ai pris le train pour fuir mon cruel vieux souci ». Il atterrit donc un soir dans une chambre et décrit l’environnement qui l’entour. L’auteur explique qu’il est en plein mois d’hiver et que les toits, les quais et les ponts sont couverts de neige. Il y a un contraste entre la ténacité et la rigueur de l’hiver dehors et la chaleur et la douceur de sa chambre.

    • Word count: 791
  8. La casa de los espiritus (Analisis)

    Durante la obra una de las temáticas más desarrolladas es el abuso de poder. Esteban Trueba, uno de los personajes principales, es el patrón de la hacienda Las Tres Marías, quién somete a los campesinos a trabajar en sus tierras, viola a algunas de las campesinas y obtiene muchos beneficios sin mucho esfuerzo. El abuso de poder, por parte de Esteban Trueba, repercute en la obra causando infelicidad y muchos problemas a su familia. Respecto a los personajes femeninos en la obra, muchos de ellos reflejan familiares de Isabel Allende.

    • Word count: 714
  9. The Effects of the Egyptian revolution on my family and me.

    Although this was all thanks to the position my father secured as minister in that was irrevocably contorted and disorganized, we still had reason to be thankful for the blessing that surrounded us. Many days we spent smiling and laughing rapturously as we gathered round our spacious dinner table; and man days we spent supporting and helping each other with whatever matters we pondered upon. Surely, throughout those flowing trends of time, we never expected a storm to erupt that would completely overturn our lives forever?.

    • Word count: 843
  10. Persuasive Article on the Dangers of Modern Advertisements

    We don?t need any scientific research to realize that it may be connected with a decline in intellectual and moral values among the society. Moreover, the nudity and unambiguous slogans even lower those standards ? it?s a classic vicious circle. We can see half-naked women on billboards in front of schools and churches. Advertisers use colloquial and vulgar words, which are then embraced by children as normal. As a result, what we hear in public are sentences in which half of words used can be classified as obscene.

    • Word count: 803
  11. En la novela "La ciudad y los perros", los vasos comunicantes aparecen cuando Teresa habla con su ta sobre Arana

    En la novela “La ciudad y los perros”, los vasos comunicantes aparecen cuando Teresa habla con su tía sobre Arana, el “esclavo” que la había invitado a salir. Su tía quiere que se consiga un hombre para que las mantenga por eso la insiste a la chica que se consiga uno.

    • Word count: 372
  12. Is the Spanish Language Sexist?

    A common question to ask yourself would be: is the Spanish language sexist? One point of view is that, depending on the origin of the language one may be more sexist than the other. The other is to say that language is neutral and it is just a way of communicating and that the sexism is put in by the person speaking or listening. When sociologists and philologists have studied the Spanish language they have noticed the clearly sexist and racist traits.

    • Word count: 519
  13. A Response to The Weekend "House of Balloons"

    It sounded like my kind of music, it sounded like my kind of tune, and I felt like a new surge of energy had just been generated in my body, and I shot up awake. However I noticed that this song was scary, evil and very twisted. My girlfriend looked at me and said, ?this music scares me?, and it scared me too, but I also liked it. From the first chorus of the song, I knew Abel was something different. The song in general had the lifting beautiful vocals of any R&B hit, but the sourcing was all wrong.

    • Word count: 919
  14. The problem of internet addiction

    This situation appears to be significant in the use of social networking. Online Nursing Programs (2010) illustrates that the average time that people spend on social networking raises from 2 hours 10minutes (2007) to 5 hours 35 minutes (2009). In spite of there are many physical and psychological problems with regard to IAD, this essay will only focus on two typical problems; neglecting sleep and depression. These two circumstances will be analysed in the first section and follow up with some solutions in order to help teenagers overcome these problems. Finally, this paper will evaluate these solutions and end with a recommendation. The first problem related to IAD is neglecting sleep. The New York Times (2010)

    • Word count: 751

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